22 Apr 1932 1
16 Feb 2011 1

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Full Name:
Glen E Flook 1
22 Apr 1932 1
16 Feb 2011 1
Last Residence: Williamsport, PA 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1

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My closest cousin Glen

Tariffville, Ct.

Glen Flook and Bill Dailey

Glen and I grew up as close a brothers. For a few years he and his mother lived with us during my grade school years. When we moved to a farm Glen would spend Summers with us helping with the farmwork and the auto salvage business.

After we both got married we kept in touch and would visit each other as often as we could. Glen was affectionately called Moose in the family. A name given to him by his step father Linwood Kelly.  When Glen would get home from school he'd call out "Maw"!   Linwood said it sounded like a moose calf bellowing for it's mother, so the name "Moose" was born.



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