03 Dec 1919 1
11 Feb 2011 1

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Robert A Spelman 1
03 Dec 1919 1
11 Feb 2011 1
Last Residence: Daytona Beach, FL 1
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Card Issued: Florida 1

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Lt Robert Spelman, B-25 Pilot WWII MTO

North Africa

Robert, B-25 Pilot with the 12th Bomb Group, 82nd Bomb Squadron "53 Combat Missions in the Mediterranean Theater during World War II".  Pictures and stories from his proud granddaughter Kathleen Bolles.  18 May, 2011.


Robt. "BOSS" Spelman's Book "The PINK BOMBER, Cockpit Memories"

The author reports events he shared in or witnessed. These include pilot training, from Piper Cubs to B-25s and DC-6s. He describes ground and air actions, including 53 missions in the Mediterranean Theater during World War II.

He describes the unusual details of flying in a USAAF Bomb Group, under overall British command. Friendly fire, day and night bombing missions,as well as airline events after the war - all are covered. The book describes friendly natives and "friendly fire", first missions escorted by Tuskegee Airmen and by Royal Italian allied fighters.


This book traces the author's growth from boyhood fascination with flight, to a mature love of the cockpit, its challenges and rewards.

Robert Spelman, a proud father and grandfather, has had a lifelong love affair with flying. His career on land has been in the furniture industry, as a national association executive and newsletter producer. He devotes time to ministry to prisoners and to the homebound.

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