Regarding EMMERSON, daughter's and old pictures sent to me, which I purchased 2 EMMERSON sisters living in Canada, early photo.


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Some more EMMERSON, info from a DIFFERENT decendant-I received via email

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I am a genealogy nut in Sussex County, Va. and am researching our Prince/Briggs/Cocke/Emmerson lines. I see a link to a portrait of Charles Leonard Cocke/Ann Roe Cowper and would love to have a copy to share. Our branch of this family descends from both Charles Leaonard, Jr. and Susan Barron Cocke. My direct kin's side is from Charles Leonard, Jr. and my cousin married Frank Vaughan Emmerson's grandson, making them double-descended from the couple in the portraits.
Thank You,
Leslie, Carla, Jeanne and Jethro.

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