17 Aug 1931 1
10 Feb 2011 1

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Gene W Mader 1
17 Aug 1931 1
10 Feb 2011 1
Last Residence: Jacksonville, FL 1
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Card Issued: Florida 1

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Vietnam War Injury

father, then Captain Gene W. Mader, Airborne Ranger, was part of the MAAG in Vietnam.  He arrived at the Hue airstrip on 26 March, 1962.  He spent 90 days in Hue preparing for his assignment at an outpost near Danang.

He was thrilled to be going out into the bush.  He was embedded with a South Vietnamese BN (which consisted of 300 men).  He and two NCOs became part of the BN, with the mission  to train the South Vietnamese in guerilla warfare.

Many years later, I finally had the courage to ask The Old Man if he had sustained any wounds in 'Nam.  There was a twinkle in his eye as he related the story of his injury:

"I was in my hootch at the top of the outpost, playing cards with one of my NCOs.  We heard incoming artillery!  I got so excited, I jumped up, took my weapon off the wall, and high-tailed it out of the hootch.  As I rushed out of the hootch, I neglected to notice the 50 gallon drum standing just outside the entrance to the hootch and ran right into it, injuring my right knee."

He ended the story with: "It did not require medical attention."


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