Harriet Bowden

Harriet Bowden

Harriet L. Small as a Child

  • Bucksport, Hancock, Maine, United States

Harriet was the first child born to Ebenezer Small and his young bride Eunice A. Harriman.  To set the stage for what Harriet's roots were, we will describe a bit of the history of her parents. Ebenezer or Eben as he was often called, had an established farm in the area northeast of the town of Bucksport, called East Bucksport by my mother and her family.  He became well aquainted with Eunice Harriman, who was from Prospect, an area that is in present-day Waldo County, but at the time of her birth, was in Hancock County.  However, Eunice also had family ties to the area of Bucksport, and the family moved there.  Eben and Eunice were married 5 January 1827 in Bucksport as recorded in Bucksport Town records by the town clerk on 25 January 1827.

The 1830 United States Federal Census for Bucksport, Hancock, Maine lists the Ebenezer Small household with a male 30-39 years old (b. 1797), father Eben; a male 70-79, perhaps an aged family member they were caring for; a female under 5 (b. 1828), young daughter Harriet; and a female 20-29 (b. 1807), mother Eunice.

By the 1840 census, the household had added a son Rufus H. age 5-9 (b. 1833); a son Ottis Harriman age 10-14 (b. 1830), a father Eben age 40-49 (b. 1797); a daughter Nancy E. age under 5 (b. 1840), a daughter Harriet L. age 10-14 (b. 1828); and a mother Eunice age 30-39 (b. 1807).  The must have been caring for another elderly family member, but this time it was a female age 70-79.

When the 1850 census is enumerated, Harriet has married and moved out of the home.  However, she diedn't go far, because she and her new husband were living right down the street with his parents, Samuel and Mary or "Polly" Perkins Bowden.  However, it took a while to figure this out because of some errors by the enumerator.  But that's a discussion for another story in Harriet's seriel.