Tom Dooley's real name was Tom Dula, of Wilkes County, North Carolina, who, upon returning from the Civil War was hanged for the murder of his sweetheart.


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Hang down your head Tom Dula

Iredell County, North Carolina

I thought it more than odd while tracking down the killer of William Patton, on Cumberland Mountain, Tennessee in 1833, that I would come upon generations of  famous crimes. Now it appears that the man hung in 1868 in Iredell County, North Carolina for the murder of Laura Foster was the grandson of the man who killed Patton and was hung for it in 1834. We know the former as "Tom Dooley". made famous by folk singers of various generations. His real name was Tom Dula and he is buried beside a road that bears his name. His Grandfather was Bennet Dula, called Bennet Dooly in the newspapers of the time, who was hung for the murder of a South Carolinian , Willam Patton, who was traveling with Dula through Tennessee.

Actually Tom's grandfather Bennett Dula died in 1822, it was his cousin Bennett that on October 14, 1834, was in the Jasper County jail awaiting trial. The Bennett that you have as his "Grandfather" is actually my 5th great grandfather, making Tom Dula my 5th cousin 1x removed.

Thanks for the heads up Anders31...any idea if he was associated with the "pony Club"?

Tom Dula "Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley" father was Thomas P. Dula. Thomas P. Dula's father was Bennet Dula(abt 1764). Bennet Dula's( abt. 1764) brother was John Dula who named his son Bennet (abt 1806) that killed William Patton. Tom would be a 1st cousin once removed from Bennet (abt 1806). 

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