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Norman & Flora Duncan Family Reunion 2010 -- Part 1 of 4


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Norman and Flora Duncan Family Reunion 2010 -- Part 1 of 4

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Norman & Flora Courship & Marriage: http://www.footnote.com/page/111434825_norman_van_duncan_and_flora_annie_miles/

The 2010 Norman & Flora Duncan Family Reunion is divided into 4 parts --- to more easily facilitate presentation of over 200 family pictures.  Here is a summary of the contents of the 4 parts.

Part 1 of 4:  Introduction

------- About the 4 Parts to Family Reunion 2010

------- About the family reunion.

------- About how the pictures were taken.


Part 2 of 4:  Four head-of-household family groups (about 80 pictures)


-------01---- Alan David Sheffer Family (2 pictures)

-------02---- Caleb Zachary Perry Family (18 pictures)

-------03---- David Alan Sheffer Family (19 pictures)

-------04---- Norman & Flora Duncan Family (43 pictures)


Part 3 of 4:  Five more head-of-household family groups (about 60 pictures)


-------05---- Jonathan Beutler Family (12 pictures)

-------06---- Merrill Miles Sheffer Family (9 pictures)

-------07---- Nicholas Van Sheffer Family (2 pictures)

-------08---- Deleted

-------09---- Samuel Reuben Taylor Family (23 pictures)


Part 4 of 4:  Three final head-of-household family groups (about 60 pictures)


-------10---- Shawn Michael Phillips Family (5 pictures)

-------11---- Taylor Miles Duncan Family (21 pictures)

-------12---- Warren Henry Taylor, Jr. Family (32 pictures)

  • Park City, Utah
  • November, 2010

Family Renion 2010 -- Activities

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The 2010 annual Norman and Flora Duncan Family Reunion occurred at Thanksgiving time at the Park Regency Condominiums in Park City, Utah, where some family members own time shares there.  Altogether, there were 42 attendees, which included 11 children under age 18.

During the festivities, there was the traditional game of touch football (played in the snow at a temperature of minus 15 degrees Fahrenheit), and Grandma’s Traditional Bingo game with lots of fun prizes and fresh, new, crisp one-dollar bills.  The main Thanksgiving meal was potluck style feast organized by Esther Duncan and Grandma Flora Duncan, who provided a big 20-Lb roasted turkey. 

 Many of the guests took dips in the heated indoor swimming pool and relaxed in the all-too-hot Jacuzzi.  Gaile Duncan Sheffer used her computer to share an elaborate slide show and story board narration of the World War II military service of Norman Van Duncan in the South Pacific Islands from 1941 to 1945.  Warren Taylor took pictures using his new Canon PowerShot S95 low-light camera.

Video games played on big-screen TVs where fun, as well as outings to local restaurants and eateries, to include the ever-popular Leger’s Sandwich Shop.  Flora worked with Warren on his computer to accomplish two tasks:  (1) Organize a pictorial history in honor of her mother, Mary Morris Miles, and (2) Label the family reunion pictures with all the names of the attendees and their children.

Picture of photographer Warren and his family appear in this section, along with picture of the Canon PowerShot S95 camera used to take the photos.

  • Park City, Utah
  • November, 2010

Organization of Pictures by Married Heads of Households

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Altogether, there were 42 attendees at the family reunion, consisting of four generations headed by matriarch Flora M. Duncan, her 5 children, her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren.  For the purpose of organizing the photos taken at the reunion, it was decided to categorize the pictures under 12 married heads of family, consisting of Flora herself, along with her married children, and her married grandchildren.

When the pictures are organized by head-of-family, there are 203 pictures total, with some repetitions due to some people belonging to more than one family group.  An example would be Taylor Miles Duncan, who belongs to both the Flora Duncan Family and stands at the head of his own family.  Thus there may be some repetitions of the same picture in multiple families.  A sincere effort was made to ensure there was at least one picture of every person who participated in the family reunion activities.

All pictures were taken without the use of flash using natural ambient room lighting.  By avoiding use of the flash, there was no red eye in any pictures, and no glare from flash reflections off of glass windows, or off of shiny mirrors. With few exceptions (less than 10), there was no photographic touchup on the pictures.  What the pictures show is what the camera took.  The few exceptions of pictures needing touchup consisted of photos where eyes were shut, and a few instances where light levels of faces were brightened. Photographer volunteer, Warren Taylor, used the low-light mode of the Canon PowerShot S95 digital camera to take the pictures.  The 28-mm wide angle lens allowed taking group photos in small rooms with limited space.

Special thanks are due to Flora Duncan and Esther Duncan --- who donated condominium rooms, who organized the allocation of rooms to guests, who helped make assignments for food and snacks, who arranged the schedule of activities, and who coordinated the many details involved with condominium check-in and check-out.

  • Park City, Utah
  • November, 2010

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