Married Levi Munson, descendant of Thomas Munson


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Mother: Rebecca Lynch Purdy 1
Father: Abraham Gabay (aka George) Crasto 1

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Rachel Purdy Crasto, parents Abraham G. Crasto and Rebecca Purdy

Greenbough, NY

"Abraham Gabay Crasto was a Sephardic Jewish man born on April 14, 1797 in

Surinam. He later emigrated to the United States of America, and

converted to Christianity when he was married at the age of 17, in a

Methodist Episcopal church in Greenbough, New York, on July 9, 1814. His

bride, Rebecca Lynch Purdy was the granddaughter of a noted minister.

Soon after their marriage the young couple journeyed to Surinam, where

they were married a second time in the Jewish faith, after Rebecca

formally converted to Judaism. The couple, with their two young children,

lived as part of Dutch Guiana’s Sephardic Jewish community for several

years. Then they returned to New York where they re-assumed their

identity as Christians ultimately, they were buried in a Protestant

cemetery. Subsequent defendants were unaware that their family had ever

had connection to Judaism at all."

See history of the marriage at: More background on the history of the Jews in Surinam.

History of Jews in Surinam: Note reference to another website in that blog:

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