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New York to China

Kenneth was born about 1916 in New York State, a son of Alexander and Rena Karlson.  His father was a native of Sweden and his mother Canada.  Alexander worked as a fireman on a railroad, as per the 1920 Census for District 128, Norwich Ward 5, Chenango, New York.

Kenneth was serving with the 59th Coastal Artillery Regiment in a mine planter unit when he was taken as a prisoner of war by the Japanese on 7 May 1942 when all American military forces surrendered the Philippine Islands.

Corporal Karlson survived a torturous journey aboard the Japanese "Hell Ship" Tottori Maru from the Philippines to Pusan, Korea, from whence he was transported to the Mukden Prisoner of War Camp near present-day Shenyang, China.  He died there of dysentery and beri-beri on 4 January, 1943.

Military Serial #6983395

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