William fought in the Civil War along with his brother. William is my brick wall; I know who his mother and siblings were. William and all his siblings were born in Clay County Kentucky. There are many documents relating to Clay Co KY. However because I dont know his fathers name I cant find them on the early Clay co census records. William is my 3rd great grandfather

Conflict Period:
Civil War (Confederate) 1
Confederate Army 1
Private 1
04 Mar 1836 1
Clay County Kentucky 1
08 Dec 1921 1
Floyd County Kentucky 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
William Henson 2
Also known as:
Will 2
04 Mar 1836 2
Clay County Kentucky 2
Male 2
08 Dec 1921 2
Floyd County Kentucky 2
Mother: Nellie 2
Father: unknown Henson 2
Darcus Bentley 2
01 May 1856 2
Letcher County Kentucky 2

Civil War (Confederate) 1

Confederate Army 1
Private 1
Civil War:
company: D 2
enlistment date: 04 Oct 1862 2
enlistment place: Whitesburg, Kentucky 2
rank: private 2
regiment: 13th KY Cavalry 2
side served: Confederacy 2
brother: Paul Henson 2
sister: Delilah Henson 2
sister: Charity Henson 2
sister: Mary Polly Henson 2
sister: Susan Henson 2

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William and Paul Henson


The Henson Boys get married to their Sweethearts

William and his brother Paul were the best of pals, they did everything together. William and Paul both married their wifes within a months of each other in Letcher co Kentucky. They also enlisted in the Civil War together, on the 4th of October 1862. They joined  the 13th Kentucky Cavalry company D. William deserted and made it home from the war. His brother Paul Henson was captured in Pike co Ky. Paul was sent to Rock Island Prison. Paul never made it back home to his family. 

I have done alot of research about the 13th KY Cavalry. I would really love to talk to someone who has alot of knowledge about this regiment. I also have alot more info about Paul and what happened to him.

William Henson

Pike County Kentucky

1850 Pike County Kentucky
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William Henson was the son of Nelly and unknown. William and his siblings were born in Clay County Kentucky. Sometime before 1850, William and his family moved to Pike County Kentucky. Very little is known about William’s parents until more records can be discovered. There are only two scenarios for his parents. The first being, his father, an unknown male Henson, has died or left the family. This would be between the years of 1844 and 1850. The second scenario is his mother is Nelly Henson and had illegitimate children. The first scenario is more likely the case in fact. The 1850 Pike Co. Kentucky census record, is the first census William and his family are found on. They are listed in household #366. This is really household #266, the census taker mistakenly wrote 366.  On this census their surname is listed as Hensley instead of Henson. Living very close in household #263 is the Hollinsworth family. This family has connections to the Henson families of Clay County Kentucky. With the Hollingsworth's living very close to the Henson's; this would make you think that they are related. However by many researchers all the Henson's listed on earlier census records in Clay Co. Ky. are claimed in family lines. Nelly Henson never shows up on an earlier census. Therefore she was not the head of a household, it would have been a male Henson in Clay County Kentucky, where her children were born. This would fit the first scernrio.

  William married Darcus Bentley on the 1st of May 1856 in Letcher County Kentucky. This marriage record states that William is a resident of Pike County Kentucky and was born in Clay County Kentucky. Darcus is a resident of Letcher Co. Kentucky and was born in Perry County Kentucky. There marriage was blessed with children,

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