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Personal Details

Physical Description:
Height: 6'1 1/2" 1
Eye Color: blue 1
Hair Color: brown 1
light 1
Declared exchanged:
18 Mar 1865 1
Transferred to:
Aiken's Landing, James River, Va 1
transferred to Aiken's Landing, James River, Va:
15 Mar 1865 1
Point Lookout, Maryland 1
Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia 1
Captured at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia:
12 May 1864 1
Paroled and exchanged:
08 Sep 1863 1
Paroled and exchanged:
City Point, Va 1
Confined at Decamp General Hospital:
David's Island, New York 1
Wounded and captured at Gettysburg:
03 Jul 1863 1
Wounded and captured:
Gettsburg, PA 1
Enlistment Date:
13 May 1861 1
Enlistment location:
Onslow County, NC 1

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Andrew J. P. Giddings

Onslow County, NC

Andrew J. P. Giddings resided in Onslow County where he enlisted at age 24, May 13, 1861, for the war. Wounded and captured at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 3, 1863. Confined at Decamp General Hospital, David's Island, New York harbor until paroled and exchanged at City Point, Virginia, September 8, 1863. Captured at Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia, May 12, 1864 and confined at Point Lookout, Maryland until transferred to Aiken's Landing, James River, Virginia March 15, 1865, for exchange. Declared exchanged on March 18, 1865.

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