23 Aug 1844 1
Elm, Cambridgshire, England 1
24 Apr 1917 1
Tiffin, Montgomery Co. Ohio (Jefferson Twp) 1

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Personal Details

23 Aug 1844 1
Elm, Cambridgshire, England 1
Male 1
24 Apr 1917 1
Tiffin, Montgomery Co. Ohio (Jefferson Twp) 1
Burial Date: 27 Apr 1917 1
Burial Place: Dayton National Cemetery, Dayton, Montgomery Co. Ohio 1
Physical Description:
Height: 5'10" 1
Eye Color: blue 1
Hair Color: brown 1
Mother: Mary Ann Whaley 1
Father: Unknown 1
Susannah Ann Alspaugh 1
28 Aug 1874 1
Sandusky, Erie Co., OH 1
Spouse Death Date: 04 Feb 1935 1
Military-Civil War:
Ohio Volunteer Infantry: 101 Reg. Co.A, Private 1
Camp Haskin, TN:
Leg wound during Civil War 1

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About John's Family

Sandusky, Erie Co., OH

Whaley, John

He came to America with his mother Mary Ann Whaley (1825-1894) on 30 July 1851 from Liverpool, Eng.

John was in the Civil War. Info from Book of Soldiers, record # 6327  101 st Regiment, Company A, Ohio Volunteer Infantry as a private. He enrolled in Ridgeville, Ohio and was discharged at Camp Haskin, Tennessee. He had a leg wound in Tennessee. He was in 4 Sept. 1862-12 June 1865. Reason for discharge: end of war. He could read and write and received a pension of $12.00. He was admitted into the Soldiers Home in Nov. 1905-June 1916.

He married Susannah Ann Alspaugh (1859-1935) on 28 aug 1874 in Sandusky, Erie Co. Oh.

They had 7 children:
Henry John 1892-1963
Hattie May 1875-
Francis 1881-1908*
Alice 1880-1912
Lotta M. 1878-1963*
Hannah H. 1890-1915*
Nettie 1888-1915*
 (* about)



Sandusky (OH) Register

Obit: Sandusky (OH) Register, Wednesday 25 April 1917 page C-2

Dies at Dayton. John Whaley, a veteran of the Home, who was on leave and had gone to Dayton to have his eyes cared for, died suddenly there Tuesday. The remains will be brought to the home for burial in the Soldiers' Home cemetery.
Whaley was a member of the 111th Ohio, Company A. He is survived by a widow, three daughters and a son.
Obit: Sandusky (OH) Register, Thursday 26 April 1917 page C-1
According to a telegram received at Sandusky on Tuesday evening John Whaley, Co. A 101 O.V.I., who was formerly a member of the Soldiers Home here had died at the National home at Dayton, O., where he is alleged to have gone to have his eyes treated. The item also stated that his remains would be shipped here to the home for burial. Inquiry at headquarters showed that Whaley was admitted to the home November 16, 1905, and that he had been discharged from here June 6, 1916, but no word had been received at the home up to 3 p.m. Wednesday regarding his reported death. Neither could he, under the present rules, be buried here except by special permission from the home authorities.


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