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Confederate Soldiers of Onslow County, North Carolina


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3rd Infantry Regiment State Troops

3rd Infantry Regiment State Troops completed its organization at Garysburg, North Carolina, in May, 1861. The men were from Wilmington and the counties of Green, Duplin, Cumberland, Onslow, Bladen, New Hanover, and Beaufort. During July part of the regiment moved to Richmond, Virginia, then was joined by the remaining companies some weeks later. After serving in the Department of Northern Virginia and the Department of North Carolina, it was attached to General Ripley’s, Colston’s, Steuart’s, and Cox’s Brigade. The 3rd fought on many battlefields of the army from the Seven Days’ Battles to Cold Harbor, marched with Early to the Shenandoah Valley, and saw action around Appomattox. It reported 46 casualties at Beaver Dam Creek , 80 at Malvern Hill, 253 at Sharpsburg, 3 at Fredericksburg, and 179 at Chancellorsville. The unit lost 4 killed and 10 wounded at Second Winchester, forty percent of the 548 engaged at Gettysburg , and 7 killed and 65 wounded during the Mine Run Campaign. It surrendered with 4 officers and 53 men in April, 1865. The field officers were Colonels William L. DeRosset, Gaston Meares, and Stephen D. Thruston; Lieutenant Colonels Robert H. Cowan, William M. Parsley, and Edward Savage; and Major William T. Ennett. 

  • Onslow County, NC
  • May, 1861

24th Infantry Regiment, formerly the 14th Volunteers

24th Infantry Regiment, formerly the 14th Volunteers, was organized at Weldon, North Carolina, in July, 1861. Men of this unit were recruited in Halifax, Onslow, Johnston, Cumberland, Robeson, Person, and Franklin counties. Ordered to Virginia, it served in the Army of the Kanawha, then moved to Murfreesboro, North Carolina, where it remained for a time. During the war it was assigned to General R. Ransom’s and M.W. Ransom’s Brigade. The 24th was active from the Seven Days’ Battles to Fredericksburg, fought at Plymouth and Drewry’s Bluff, then participated in the Petersburg siege south of the James River and the Appomattox Campaign. It lost 9 killed, 42 wounded, and 12 missing at Malvern Hill, 20 killed and 44 wounded in the Maryland Campaign, 4 killed and 24 wounded at Fredericksburg, and 11 killed and 89 wounded at Plymouth. Many were disabled at Sayler’s Creek, and it surrendered 1 Assistant-Surgeon and 54 men. The field officers were Colonel William J. Clarke, Lieutenant Colonels John L. Harris and Thomas B. Venable, and Majors Jonathan Evans and Thaddeus D. Love. 

  • Onslow County, NC
  • July, 1861

35th Infantry Regiment

35th Infantry Regiment completed its organization in November, 1861, at Camp Mangum, near Raleigh, North Carolina. Its members were raised in the counties of Mecklenburg, Onslow, McDowell, Moore, Chatham, Person, Union, Henderson, Wayne, and Catawba. After fighting at New Bern, the regiment was ordered to Virginia and assigned to General R. Ransom’s and M.W. Ransom’s Brigade. It participated in the difficult campaings of the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days’ Battles to Fredericksburg. Ordered back to North Carolina, it fought at Boon’s Mill and Plymouth, then returned to Virginia in May, 1864. The 35th saw action at Drewry’s Bluff, endured the hardships of the Petersburg siege south of the James River, and ended the war at Appomattox. This unit sustained 127 casualties at Malvern Hill, 25 in the Maryland Campaign, 29 at Fredericksburg, and 103 at Plymouth. Many were disabled at Saylor’s Creek, and on April 9, 1865, it surrendered 5 officers and 111 men. The field officers were Colonels James T. Johnson, John G. Jones, Matthew W. Ransom, and James Sinclair; Lieutenant Colonels M.D. Craton, Oliver C. Petway, and Simon B. Taylor; and Majors John M. Kelly and Robert E. Petty. 

  • Onslow County, NC
  • November, 1861

61st Infantry Regiment

61st Infantry Regiment was organized at Wilmington, North Carolina, in August, 1862. Men of this unit were recruited in the counties of Sampson, New Hanover, Beaufort, Craven, Chatham, Lenoir, Wilson, Martin, Ashe, Alleghany, and Jones. Assigned to General Clingman’s Brigade, it marched to the Kinston area and saw its first action. The unit was then sent to Charleston, served on James, Morris, and Sullivan’s Islands, and took an active part in the fight at Battery Wagner. Later it was ordered to Virginia and here fought at Drewy’s Bluff and Cold Harbor, then endured the hardships of the Petersburg siege south and north of the James River. Returning to North Carolina, the 61st was prominent in the Battle of Bentonville. While in the Charleston area, July 10 to September 6, 1863, the regiment lost 6 killed, 35 wounded, and 76 missing and in September totalled 331 men. Few surrendered with the Army of Tennessee in April, 1865. The field officers were Colonels William S. Davane and James D. Radcliffe, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Mallett, and Major Henry Harding

  • Onslow County, NC
  • August, 1862

North Carolina

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"First at Bethel, Farthest at Gettysburg and Chickamauga, and Last at Appomattox."
  • North Carolina

Formation of Company in Onslow County

(From the Wilmington Journal)

JACKSONVILLE, NC., March 5th, 1861.

     Messrs Editors:  At a meeting of the citizens of Onslow at this place on yesterday, (Monday, March 4th.) a Company of Minute Men were formed.  George T. Duffy was elected Captain; Daniel C. Ward, First Lieutenant;  A.J. Johnson, Second Lieutenant;  Thomas J. Hemby, Orderly Sergeant;  Daniel Venters, Ensign;  Dr. M.L. Bolton, Surgeon.  The Company numbers thirty-two.  The formation of the Company is for the purpose of tendering their services to Governor Ellis, provided, North Carolina takes a position with her sister Southern states;  and in the event of her failure to do so  by Convention, (if we have one) they have pledged themselves to offer their aid to Jefferson Davis, President of the Southern Confederacy, and to fight if need be under the flag of the new confederation, or die in the cause of Southern rights and Southern homes.  The members of the Company are all young men, and are ready at any moment to proceed to action.


  • March 4th, 1861


Adams  Elijah
Adams  J.A.
Adams  John O.
Adams  John
Adams  Reuben
Alderman  Allison
Alderman  Henry S.
Alexander  Charles A.
Alexander  William
Alphin  Calvin M.
Alphin  Loomis
Alphin  William B.
Alphin  William S.
Alphin  William
Aman  A.J.
Aman  Archie Louis
Aman  D.S.
Aman  David Franklin
Aman  Elijah
Aman  George
Aman  Jeremiah
Aman  Jesse
Aman  L.
Aman  Pinkney
Aman  Robert T.
Aman  Robert
Aman  Starkey
Aman  Thomas F.
Aman  Thomas
Aman W.D.
Aman  William H.
Ambrose  D.R.
Ambrose  William
Andrews  W.J.
Armstrong  Edward Hall
Autaway  Abraham T.
Autaway  William E.
Avery  Lewis A.
Ball  David J.
Ball  Elijah
Ball  Josephus
Banks  Benjamin F.
Banks.  Henry T. Jr.
Barber  D.F.
Barber  Jeremiah
Barber  Marcus
Barber  Richard Thomas
Barber  Thomas J.
Barber  Thomas Richard
Barber  William R.
Barber  William
Barber  William
Barker  Lewis S.
Barnes  James
Barry  Claude
Barry  James B.
Basden  Asa
Basden  Benjamin Frank
Basden  Bryant
Basden  Henry G.
Basden  Hosea
Basden  James D.
Basden  Jesse
Basden  John H.
Basden  William B.
Basden  William H.
Basden  William H.
Basden  William
Basdin  Lightborn
Basdon  Calvin
Bass  Charles Thomas
Batchelor  William N.
Bell  Bryant
Bell  E.
Bell  Isaiah
Bell  J.A.
Bell  J.M.
Bell  James
Bell  John C.
Bell  Owen
Bell  Owen
Bell  Robert N.
Bell  William H.
Bell  William
Bishop   Jacob
Bishop  J.T.
Bishop  John M.
Black  Samuel H.
Blake  George W.
Blake  Henry
Blake  Jacob
Blake  John F.
Blake  Wright
Bloodgood  James
Bolton  Merriweather L.
Bostick  John
Bowden  William B.
Boykin  James T.
Bradshaw  N. Sloan
Brady  W. M.
Branch  John R.
Breece  George W.
Breece  James
Breece  Richard T.
Breece  William R.
Brinson  Christopher
Brinson  Edward F. Jr.
Brinson  Edward
Brinson  George Washington
Brinson  James
Britt  Lewis
Brock  Benjamin R.
Brock  John Martin Franck
Brock  Joseph G.
Brown  Anderson J.
Brown  J.J.
Brown  James H.
Brown  John W.
Brown  John
Brown  John
Brown  John
Brown  Lewis T.
Brown  Lovet
Brown  Oliver
Brown  Owen
Brown  Robert W.
Brown  Stephen William
Brown  William H.
Broyley  W. M.
Bryan  Andrew
Bryan  B. F.
Bryan  Benjamin
Bryan  George W.
Bryan  J. C.
Bryan  James H.
Bryan  James
Bryan  Lorenzo D.
Bryan  William
Bryan  Wright William
Bryant  F. J.
Bullock  J. B.
Bullock  Simpson
Bunting  W. T.
Burnett  (Burnap) Basil M.
Burton  Straten
Burton  Thomas H.
Burus  Adolphus
Cain  James S.
Cain  Richard
Canady  James Newton
Canady  James W.
Canady  James J.
Canady  John H.
Canady  Owen H.
Canady  U.
Canady  Willet M.
Cannady  Green
Cannady  Richard
Capp  Cason
Capps  Abner
Capps  Gideon D.
Capps  Thomas J.
Capps  Winslow
Carpenter  Robert
Carpenter  William G.
Carr  Michael
Carroll  Patrick
Carter  William M.
Castine  Andrew J.
Cavanaugh  William
Chestnut  Bedford B.
Chestnut  John E.
Clark  James Foreman
Clark  James
Clonts  Samuel M.
Cole  Robert W.
Cole  William H.
Collins  John
Comron  Richard R.
Conaway  George W.
Conaway  James
Conaway  Oscar
Conaway  William H.
Conway  Elijah H.
Conway  Nicholas J.
Conway  Thomas R.
Conway  William A.
Cooper  Gabriel
Corbett  John
Corbett  Rubin A.
Costly  John J.
Coston  Calvin D.
Coston  David H.
Coston  E.B.F.
Coston  Erasmus M.
Coston  Hiram D.
Coston  James
Coston  Jesse W.
Coston  John A.
Coston  John Divine
Coston  Newton
Coston  O.F.
Coston  Russell J.
Coston  William
Coston  Zadoc M.
Cottle  A.T.
Cottle  James D.
Cottle  John W.
Cottle  Lewis J.
Covender  E.H.
Coville  William F.
Cowell  Martin M.
Cox  A.I.
Cox  Cader Gregory
Cox  Charles Jr.
Cox  Eli
Cox  Harman
Cox  I. John
Cox  W.A.
Cox  William B.
Cox  William D.
Cox  William T.
Cox  William
Craft  Bryan
Craft  Frederick
Craig  Nathaniel
Cramner  Edwin H.
Creel  J.J.
Croom  Jesse
Crossland  S.T.
Cullam  W. E.
Cummings  John
Currin  David
Curtis  Reuben
Davis  Aaron R.
Davis  Benjamin
Davis  James W.
Davis  M. Thomas
Davis  Samuel
Davis  Stephen
Dawson  Amos
Dawson  John W.
Dawson  Leonard
Dawson  Robert
Deal  Issac
Deal John
Dement  A.J.
Denton  J.M.
Dickson  Burell E.
Dixon  Allen
Dixon  B.B.
Dixon  James W.
Dixon  Owen
Dixon  Owen
Dixon  William
Dobson  Thomas Garrison
Donaldson  J.G.
Dreyfus  Alexander
Dudley  Robert
Duffy  Charles Jr.
Duffy  George T.
Duffy  Lawrence E.
Duncan  W.B.
Dunn  Bennett
Dunn  James
Duval  Alonzo F.
Edens  Ezekiel L.
Edens  James A.
Edens  James H.
Edens  James T.
Edens  John H.
Edens  S.H.
Edens  T.H.
Edwards  A.F.
Edwards  Matthew
Elks  William A.
Ellis  Arnold
Ellis  Elijah
Ellis  F.H.
Ellis  H.
Ellis  James
Ellis  John E.
Ellis  Lewis
Ellis  William T.
Ennett  Nathaniel S.
Ennett  Thomas
Ennett  William T.
Erricson  Abraham
Ervin  G.W.
Ervin  John A.
Ervin  William I.
Eubanks  Aaron
Eubanks  Eden C.
Eubanks  Elisha P.
Eubanks  John M.
Eubanks  John
Eubanks  Nathan
Eubanks  Whitehurst
Everett  Caleb N.
Everett  Thomas J.
Everett  William T.
Everett  Woodman S.
Ezzel  Alexander H.
Faison  James C.
Farnell  Benjamin N.
Farnell  Edward W.
Farr  George S.
Farr  Henry Jackson
Farr  Richard E.
Farrier  Rufus H.
Feutral  David
Fields  Kinchen
Fisher  Alfred E.
Fisher  Bryant
Fisher  Cephas
Fisher  Joseph
Flowers  Bennett
Floyd  John E.
Fonvielle  Edward
Fonville  James R.
Fonville  Lewis O.
Ford  J.R.
Foster  Daniel R.
Foster  Durant H.
Foster  Edward B.
Foster  William
Fountain  Francis M
Fountain  Jeremiah W.
Fox  Albert C.
Foy  Enoch
Foy  George W.
Foy  James H.
Foy  Joshua J.
Foy  Joshua V.
Foy  Morris
Frazel  Frank
Frazel  James O.
Frazel  Lewis N.
Frazel  Madrid
Frazelle  Vulcan
Frazier  Andrew Jackson
Frazier  Edward
Frazier  Jackson
Frazier  Needham
Frazure  William J.
Freeman  Edward B.
Freeman  Edward W.
Freeman  Elisha
Freeze  J.
French  George R.
Freshwater  E.
Freshwater  Thomas J.
Freshwater  William H.
Futral  Allen
Futral  Nathan
Futral  William
Futrel  Barfield Jr.
Futrel  L.N.
Futril  John
Gaines  James
Gaines  Thomas
Gales  Benjamin
Gallagher  Daniel
Garnan  Thomas L.
Garrett  Benjamin G.
Gary  Alfred
George  Robert
George  William C.
Giddins  Andrew J.P.
Giles  George W.
Giles  Jacob F.
Giles  James R.
Gillett  Francis Colquitt
Gillican  Joseph
Gillikin  Isaiah
Gillroy  Phillip
Glancey  William
Gornto  Benjamin L.
Gornto  John A.
Gornto  Nathaniel J.
Gornto  Solomon
Gradless  Amaria
Grady  Elisha
Grant  Benjamin L.
Grant  Daniel Lindsey
Grant  James H.
Grant  Solomon E.
Gray  Jesse W.
Gray  John T.
Gray  John Thomas
Gray  Joseph C.
Green  Edward
Green  William Henry
Greer  Benjamin F.
Gregory  Lotte
Grisham  Charles Q.
Gurganis  Lewis
Gurganus  Andrew J.
Gurganus  Benjamin N.
Gurganus  Benjamin
Gurganus  Henry N.
Gurganus  James
Gurganus  Louis J.
Gurganus  Owen
Gurganus  William Nixon
Gurganus  Z.
Hall  James E.
Hall  William J.
Ham  Willie
Hancock  Elijah
Hancock  James H.
Haney  Henry
Hankins  Alfred G.
Hankins  Joseph
Hanks  John W.
Hanna  W.S.
Hansley  J.D.
Hansley  Jerry M.
Hansley  John T.
Hansley  M.L.
Hansley  R.
Hansley  Samuel
Hansley  William
Hardison  A. Jackson
Hardison  E.T.
Hardison  Elijah J.
Hardison  Elza H.
Hardison  Elza
Hardison  Franklin
Hardison  Jesse W.
Hardison  Joseph
Hardison  Robert J.
Hardison  Samuel J.
Hardy  Andrew J.
Hardy  Lemuel H.
Hargett  Lewis W.
Harper  William H.
Harral  Thomas
Harvey  William J.
Haskins  Calhoun
Haskins  David B.
Hatsell  Bryan
Hawkins  James
Hawkins  Joseph D.
Hawkins  William N.
Heady  H.D.
Heady  William
Heath  Calvin
Heath  Jesse
Hemby  Stephen
Hemby  Thomas J.
Henderson  Charles Pinckney
Henderson  Daniel R.
Henderson  David J.
Henderson  Edmond H.
Henderson  Francis
Henderson  Hillory E.
Henderson  J. Smith
Henderson  James
Henderson  John H.
Henderson  L.H.
Henderson  Lewis J.
Henderson  Lindsey L.
Henderson  Nathan H.
Henderson  Owen
Henderson  Thomas B.
Henderson  William H.
Henderson  Wright R.
Herring  James O.
Hewbanks  C.
Hewitt  Abram
Hewitt  Isaac H.
Hewitt  Theodore F.
Hewitt  Thomas J.
Hewitt  Willett
Hicks  Robert T.J.
Higgins  Benjamin F.
Higgins  Isaac
Hill  James
Hill  John F.
Hill  Owen C.
Hill  T.B.
Hinson  J.M.
Hobbs  Andrew J.
Hobbs  Edward J.
Hobbs  Elva H.
Hobbs  Joseph E.
Hobbs  Piram P.
Hobbs  Thomas A.J.
Hobbs  William N.
Holland  Bryan
Hollingsworth  James
Hollis  Benjamin
Hollis  John Ezekial
Holloman  Josiah
Holloman  Nathan
Hood  Nathan B.
Hood  Robert B.
Horn  David W.
Horn  Hosea W.
Horn  Jacob R.
Horn  John A.
Horn  John L.
Horn  L.T.
Horn  Lewis N.
Horn  Lewis T.
Horn  Owen H.
Horn  Owen W.
Horn  Piran
Horn  Thomas W.
Horn  Wilson
Horne  Henry W.
Horne  Hezekiah
Horne  William F.
Howard  B.S.
Howard  John W.
Howard  Joseph
Howard  W.
Howard  William A.
Howling  William
Hudson  B.W.
Hudson  Bryan W.
Hudson  Daniel James
Huffman  George W.
Huffman  Jacob B.
Huffman  James C.
Huffman  James C.
Huffman  John A.
Huffman  Retus M.
Huffman  William F.
Huggins  Augustus C.
Huggins  S.B.
Hughes  Isaac W.
Humphrey  Charles
Humphrey  Christopher M.D.
Humphrey  Daniel E.
Humphrey  Daniel
Humphrey  David James
Humphrey  Edgar W.
Humphrey  Henry W.
Humphrey  James W.
Humphrey  Jesse
Humphrey  John
Humphrey  Lewis B.
Humphrey  Lewis
Humphrey  Lott Williams
Humphrey  Martin
Humphrey  Robert W.
Humphrey  William
Hunsucker  Gaston D.
Hunter  Hugh A.
Hurst  Andrew J.
Hurst  G.W.
Hurst  James R.
Hurst  Robert K.
Hurst  William H.
Hussey  John E.
Ijames  B.G.
Iratt  Brice W.
Irvin  Benjamin
Jackson  Benjamin B.
James  David
James  Isaac
James  J.A.
James  J.K.
Jarman  A.H.
Jarman  Edmond
Jarman  Emanuel
Jarman  J.E.
Jarman  James
Jarman  Jesse J.
Jarman  Job
Jarman  John A. Jr.
Jarman  John A. SR.
Jarman  John I.
Jarman  Lemuel
Jarman  Thomas Jr.
Jarman  Thomas L.
Jarman  William
Jarman  Willoughby
Jarmon  Thomas J.
Jarvis  Dexter B.
Jarvis  Samuel
Jarvis  William
Jenkins  Ankrum
Jenkins  Basil Smith
Jenkins  Edmund
Jenkins  J.
Jenkins  J.T.
Jenkins  Jackson
Jenkins  Joseph R.
Jenkins  Lewis R.
Jenkins  Uzza
Jenkins  William H.
Jerman  Luke
Jerman  Rigdon
Johnson  John J.
Johnson  Jordan W.
Johnson  Rigden
Johnston  William H.
Jones  E.M.
Jones  Jarvis M.
Jones  John B.
Jones  John P.
Jones  Joseph W.
Jones  L.H.
Jones  Richard H.
Jones  Stephen
Jones  William C.
Jones  William Harding
Jones  William J.
Jones  William Q.
Jones  Zadock
Justice  C.
Justice  C.C. Sr.
Justice  Francis Marion
Justice  Parham
Justice  R.W.
Kellum   Josiah
Kellum  Bannister
Kellum  Bryant
Kellum  Daniel
Kellum  George
Kellum  George
Kellum  Pinkney
Kellum  Reddin
Kellum  William B.
Kellum  William E.
Kelly  John
Kelly  Thomas O.
Kennedy  Hillery
Kennedy  Owen H.
Kennedy  Peter B.
Ketchum  A.M.C.
Ketchum  Jackson J.
Ketchum  James P.
Ketchum  Robert G.
Kimbrel  W.B.
Kimmel  Conrad
Kincey  Amos
Kincy  James
King  Asa
King  Charles C.
King  Christopher C.
King  Edward H.
King  Enoch
King  Francis W.
King  George W.
King  Ira T.
King  John E.
King  John R.
King  John W.
King  Samuel R.
King  Stephen L.
King  Thomas E.
King  Thomas
King  William
Koonce  E.F.B.
Koonce  Edward B.
Koonce  Francis Duval
Koonce  John F.
Lahaise  Oliver
Landen  Benjamin
Landing  William
Langley  James P.
Langley  John L.R.
Langley  John W.
Langley  Michael
Langley  Stephen
Lanier  David J.
Lanier  Harris
Lanier  James F.
Lanier  Lovart
Lanier  O.J.
Lanier  Owen S.
Lanier  Zadock W.

Leary, Barney
Liles  Samuel
Little  William H.
Littleton  Amasa
Littleton  Amos C.
Littleton  Aretus
Littleton  Colquith
Littleton  David C.
Littleton  George L.
Littleton  James H.
Littleton  William H.H.
Littleton  Willoughby S.
Littleton Elisha A.
Lloyd  George
Lloyd  Thomas C.
Loyd  Thomas
Mackie  Nathan
Manly  Thomas
Manning  A.A.
Manning  William H.
Marble  Joseph B.
Mareddy  Benjamin B.
Marine  Wiley N.
Marshall  Benjamin D.
Marshall  Brice
Marshall  D.C.
Marshall  David J.
Marshall  Henry
Marshall  John
Marshall  John R.
Marshall  Joseph
Marshburn  A.A.
Marshburn  Daniel
Marshburn  George R.
Marshburn  Hosea
Marshburn  J.
Marshburn  James Nelson
Marshburn  John
Martin  Thomas
Mashburn  Christopher
Mashburn  Francis
Mashburn  Hardy B.
Mashburn  Haskell H.
Mashburn  Henry J.
Mashburn  Hosea W.
Mashburn  James E.
Mashburn  James H.
Mashburn  James
Mashburn  John
Mashburn  Kenan
Mashburn  Moses
Mason  John E.W.
Mason  M.
Mathis  John D.
Mattock  James A.
Mattocks  C.J.
Mattocks  E.W.
Mattocks  George D.
McCauley  S.H.
McCullen  Orren
McDonald  Isaac W.
McGinnis  Jarvis
McGowan  Noah
McGowan  Starkey
McKethan  Neill
McKinney  Joseph
McKoy  Charles A.
McLammer  Reese
McLemore  John H.
McLeod  Neill
McLeod  William
McMasters  Thomas D.
McMillan  George
McMillian  John A.
Meadows  Anderson
Meadows  Daniel R.
Meadows  David
Meadows  Jerre Spicer
Meadows  Raymond
Meadows  Richard
Medaws  John A.
Mellville  David
Melton  A.J.
Melton  Andrew J.
Melton  Burrell T.
Melton  Elijah S.
Melton  Lorenzo
Melton  Solomon E.
Melton  William M.
Melville  George H.
Melville  William H.
Meritt  George W.
Merritt  Robert
Metts  James Isaac
Miller  John
Millis  David H.
Millis  John A.
Mills  Bryant
Mills  Daniel J.
Mills  Lewis J.
Mills  Lewis J.
Mills  Ned
Mills  Samuel A.
Mills  Uzza
Mills  William Henry
Mobley  George
Mobley  James R.
Mobley  Riley
Montfort  William J.
Moore  Elijah
Moore  John C.
Moore  John
Moore  Julius W.
Moore  Leander
Moore  Lemuel
Moore  Wesley W.
Morris  Brice M.
Morris  John Q.A.
Morris  John
Morton  A.D.
Morton  Archibald
Morton  Asa
Morton  Benjamin
Morton  Benjamin
Morton  Bryan
Morton  Edward
Morton  Gaston M.
Morton  George
Morton  Hillory
Morton  Isaac
Morton  Isaac
Morton  Jacob
Morton  James
Morton  John B.
Morton  John
Morton  Leonard
Morton  Logan W.
Morton  Micajah T.
Morton  Stephen H.
Morton  Wesley E.
Morton  William H.H.
Morton  William
Mosely  John W.
Mosely  W.F.
Mosely  William D.
Mumford  Joseph
Mumford  William P.
Murray  Thomas
Murray  William H.
Murray  William M.
Murray  William R.
Murrell  Edward H.
Murrill  Edward W.
Murrill  Elijah
Murrill  Henry Dunn
Musgrave  Samuel
Nixon  H.W.
Nixon  Robert J.
Norris  William L.
Oates  John P.
O'Bryan  William
Odham  R.
Odom  Alvin
Odom  Elisha
Odom  Ruffin
Odum  George H.
Odum  James P.
O'Hagan  John
Oliver  David
Oliver  William
O'Reilly  Patrick
Ottaway John
Owens  Dempsey
Owens  Nathaniel
Packer  Lewis
Padgett  Benjamin
Padgett  J.H.
Padgett  John D.
Padgett  Joseph W.
Padgett  McLane
Padgett  Mich
Padgett  Miles
Padgett  Robert
Padgett  Samuel
Padrick  Isaac S.
Padrick  Owen W.
Parish  David
Parish  Pinkney
Parker  Andrew Duncan
Parker  Archibald D.
Parker  Barry
Parker  Benjamin F.
Parker  Bryan
Parker  E.
Parker  Edgar
Parker  Edgar
Parker  Henry
Parker  J.B.
Parker  James
Parker  Richard
Parker  William E.
Parsons  W.H.
Paschal  Elisha
Paschal  Robert
Patrick  (Padrick) Enoch
Patrick  (Padrick) George W.
Pearce  Benjamin
Pearce  Blount C.
Pearce  James M.
Peterson  Patrick
Petteway  Buckner H.
Petteway  H.
Petteway  John W.
Petteway  Lewis S.
Phillips  A.W.
Phillips  Aaron
Phillips  Brice P.
Phillips  D.C.
Phillips  Henry
Phillips  John W.
Phillips  Levi
Phillips  Lewis S.
Phillips  Peter
Phillips  Robert L.
Phillips  William
Philyaw  James
Picket  J.Q.
Piner  James M.
Pipkin  George W.
Pipkin  John W.
Pittman  Hezekiah
Pittman  Jerrie
Pittman  John Andrew
Pittman  John M.
Pittman  Needham
Pittman  Oliver E.
Pollock  Andrew J.
Pollock  Francis Marion
Polly  Jarvis
Pool  Howard
Pool  Simeon
Poole  George
Porter  Eli
Porter  Elisha
Powell  John
Powers  Kinchen
Prescott  William
Prevow  William J.
Provo  B.D.
Provo  John L.
Provow  W.J.
Puckett  Jesse W.
Puckett  John D
Puckett  Louis W.
Quince  William H.
Quinn  Amos
Quinn  Benjamin F.
Quinn  Watson Franklin
Rafer  Calvin
Rawls  James S.
Rawls  Michael
Ray  John
Ray  Marion
Reagan  Peter
Redd  Alonzo
Redd  Francis M.
Redd  Jacob H.
Redd  Marcus Lafayette
Redd  Siglee
Redd  Zephaniah W.
Reece  Benjamin F.
Reece  Elza B.
Reece  Ira
Reece  John
Reece  Joseph M.
Reece  William
Reese  Harriss
Reese  R.
Reese  W.R.
Register  John
Rhodes  Anthony H.
Rhodes  Brantley
Rhodes  Durant
Rhodes  Edward
Rhodes  J.H.
Rhodes  Jacob G.
Rhodes  James H.
Rhodes  William D.
Rhue  J.M.
Rich  Albert T.
Richardson  Auley
Riggs  Albert
Riggs  Barrus
Riggs  Basil M.
Riggs  Edward W.O.
Riggs  George C.
Riggs  George
Riggs  I.
Riggs  Isaac N.
Riggs  Isaac
Riggs  James B.
Riggs  James R.B.
Riggs  James W.
Riggs  John B.
Riggs  John R.
Riggs  Joseph E.
Riggs  Robert S.
Riggs  William F.
Robbins  Phillip
Roberson  Edwin B.
Roberson  Lazarus B.
Roberts  Edmund
Roberts  John L.
Roberts  John Lewis
Robeson  (Robinson) Neadham
Rochelle  M.S.
Rochelle  Napoleon B.
Rochelle  Thomas B.
Rodgers  D.S.
Rogers  Amariah
Rogers  James
Russell  Daniel L.
Russell  Major
Sanderlin  George W.
Sanders  David S.
Sanders  E.B.
Sanders  W.J.
Sandlin  David E.
Sandlin  Henry H.
Sandlin  Robert
Saunders  James
Saunders  Shepard
Scott  A.J.
Scott  Benjamin H.
Scott  Benjamin
Scott  David J.
Scott  Edward H.
Scott  James G.
Scott  John H.
Scott  Rayford S.
Scott  Theophilus G.
Scott  William A.
Scott  William
Screw  William
Seagraves  Charles J.
Sellers  Amos
Sewell  Charles W.
Sewell  Daniel H.
Sewell  Thomas E.
Shackelford  John W.
Shakelford  T.W.
Shaw  Franc D.
Shaw  Lewis D.
Shaw  Stephen
Shepard  Basil M.
Shepard  Charles
Shepard  Christopher C.
Shepard  Edmund D.
Shepard  Henry W.
Shepard  Jackson L.
Shepard  John C.
Shepard  S.C.
Shepard  Stephen C.
Sheperd  Andrew J.
Sheperd  Willis G.
Shepherd  Anson
Sheppard  James
Sherrill  E.G.
Shields  Neil M.
Shields  R.D.
Shivar B.D.  Private
Shivar  Eli H.
Shiver  Evan T.
Sidbury  Amos C.
Sidbury  Lemuel H.
Sikes  James Murdock D.
Siler  Phillip S.
Simmons  Alfred Everette
Simmons  Benjamin
Simmons  David W. Jr.
Simmons  Elza
Simmons  George H.
Simpson  Curtis
Simpson  Thomas Jr.
Simpson  William A.
Sinclair  T.W.
Skillan  James
Smith  Basil
Smith  David W.
Smith  Elijah A.
Smith  James Lafayette
Smith  James Lawrence
Smith  Jesse D.
Smith  John Jr.
Smith  Josiah P.
Smith  Neil R.
Smith  Ottoway
Smith  Pernell D.
Smith  Richard Private
Smith  Rufus
Smith  Samuel A.
Smith  William B.
Smith  William G.
Smith  William G.
Solomons  John J.
Souther  E.H.
Southerland  Bryan
Southerland  George N.
Southerland  Jere H.
Southerland  William H.
Sparkman  Charney
Sparkman  Willie D.
Speight  Richard R.
Spicer  Jere W.
Spicer  John D.
Spicer  John D.
Spight  Jesse W.
Spight  John J.
Spight  Miles G.
Spivery  L.
Stanly  Bryan
Stephens  Ira
Stephens  John B.
Stephens  William
Stevens  Willoughby L.
Stiles  James W.
Stine  William T.
Stokely  John W.
Strange  Buckner
Strange  James B.
Styron  John W.
Summersill  Elijah
Sutton  Isaac
Sutton  Joseph
Sutton  William M.
Swindell  William
Swinson  Henry
Swinson  Jacob
Swinson  James
Swinson  Jesse W.
Swinson  John
Swinson  John
Tatum  Hillory S.
Taylor  A.G.
Taylor  Isaac
Taylor  James M.
Taylor  John B.
Taylor  John G.
Taylor  John James
Taylor  Joseph W.
Taylor  Joshua L.
Taylor  Nathaniel
Taylor  Simon Bruton
Taylor  Stephen
Taylor  William H.
Taylor  William M.
Thomas  G.
Thomas  L.G.
Thomas  Micajah
Thomas  Warren A.
Thompson  Bryant W.
Thompson  Daniel H.
Thompson  Daniel
Thompson  H.H.
Thompson  William M.
Thornell  William H.
Tippitt  Lott W.
Trott  Athlen
Trott  Brice W.
Trott  Newton
Trott  William J.
Tull  Lemuel H.
Turner  David
Turner  George J.
Vann  Thomas N.
Venters  Brinson
Venters  Daniel C.
Venters  James B.
Venters  Silas
Waggoner  Lavalt
Walker  Joseph
Waller  Wright William
Walton  Amos
Walton  Elisha E.
Walton  Jesse W.
Walton  Jesse
Walton  John D.
Walton  William P.
Ward  Daniel C.
Ward  Edgar W.
Ward  Edward M.
Ward  Edward R.
Ward  Edward W.
Ward  George R.
Ward  George W.
Ward  John
Ward  Richard G.
Ward  Richard William
Ward  William P.
Waters  Allen
Waters  Hardy
Waters  Haskell
Waters  Ira J.
Waters  John
Watson  William
Webb  Andrew Jackson
Webster  Robert M.
Weeks  D.S.
Wells  Delamer
Wells  Gaston
Wells  James T.
Wells  James
Wells  Joseph F.
Wells  William
Winberry  John E.
Winberry  George W.
West  Alexander
West  John
West  Thomas
Weston  Richard
Whaley  Daniel
Whaley  Durant Green
Whaley  Elza
Whaley  Levi J.
Whaley  Lewis J.
Whaley  Samuel
Wharton  Daniel
White  Addison G.
White  George W.
White  James K.
White  James W.
White  William B.
White  William L.
Whitehurst  J.R.
Whitehurst  W.A.
Whitfield  Andrew Jackson
Whorten  Eben
Wiggins  John C.
Wiggins  Lewis H.
Wilder  George C.
Wilder  Jesse T.
Wiley  William
Wilfong  Charles F.
Wilkerson  Richard J.
Wilkins  J.B.
Wilkins  John W.
Wilkins  John
Wilkins  William L.
Wilkins  Winslow
Willeford  Micajah B.
Williams  Andrew J.
Williams  Benjamin
Williams  Brice F.
Williams  Christopher
Williams  Daniel A.
Williams  David
Williams  Ed
Williams  Edward Stanley
Williams  F.F.
Williams  H.
Williams  H.S.
Williams  Henry A.
Williams  Hill
Williams  Isaac J.
Williams  J.W.
Williams  James B.
Williams  James R.
Williams  James R.
Williams  James
Williams  John W.
Williams  John W.
Williams  Joseph Hill
Williams  Joseph
Williams  Lemuel Hardison
Williams  Samuel
Williams  Thomas A.
Williams  William M.
Williamson  Elisha
Williford  John W.
Williford  John W.
Williford  Nelson W.
Wilson  John
Wilson  Mc.
Wilson  W.
Wilson  William G.
Windman  V.B.
Wood  Basil M.
Wood  Frederick A.
Wood  Jacob
Wood  Joshua
Wood  Robert
Wood  Uz
Wood  William
Wood  Willis F.
Woodall  W.W.
Woodward  John F.
Wooten  James M.
Worris  John
Yates  Josiah
Yeomans  Eden
Yopp  John J.
Yopp  John W.
Yopp  Robert W.
Young  George P.
Young  John R.
Zay  James

  • Onslow County, North Carolina

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