30 Jul 1932 1
Pawtucket RI 1
21 Aug 2010 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Jack Almeida 2
30 Jul 1932 1
Pawtucket RI 1
Male 1
30 Jul 1932 2
21 Aug 2010 2
Burial Date: 10 Nov 2011 1
Burial Place: Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery 1
Physical Description:
Height: 5 foot 8 inches 1
Weight/Build: med 1
Eye Color: Brown 1
Hair Color: Brown 1
Last Residence: Colorado Springs, CO 2
Mother: Erminia Maria Carvalheira 1
Father: John (Joao) Martin Almeida 1
Irene Lea Martel 1
11 Nov 1955 1
Pawtucket RI 1
Do It Right The First Time 1
Firefighter 1
Employer: Pawtucket Fire Department 1
Position: FireFighter 1
Place: Pawtucket RI 1
Start Date: 1960 1
End Date: 1981 1
Employer: US Army 1
Position: Sgt 1
Start Date: 03 Nov 1951 1
End Date: 18 Aug 1954 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 2

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Jack's Life Bio

pawtucket RI

Jack (Joaquim=Portuguese for Jack) Almeida was born on 30 Jul 1932 in Pawtucket, Providence, Rhode Island, USA as the second child of John (Joao=Portuguese for John) Martin Almeida and Erminia Maria Carvalheira. He had three siblings, named: John Martin Jr, Olivia M, and Rosaline M. He also had three older half siblings Mary Souza, Manuel (Manny) Souza, Caroline (Carol) Souza. Jack was christened on 23 Jun 1935 in Pawtucket, Providence, Rhode Island, USA. He was confirmed about 1940. 

Jack served in the military (US Army Ssgt) in 1952 (Korean War Enlistment Date: 3 Nov 1952 Release Date: 18 Aug 1954). Unit: 179 TH . INF. REGEMENT 45 DIVISON KOREA HEAVY MORTER 

When he was 23, He married Irene Lea Martel, daughter of Joseph Alphonse Eli Martel and Emma Josephine Gosselin, on 11 Nov 1955 in Pawtucket, Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Jack Almeida and Irene Lea Martel had three children: Bruce Michael Almeida 1957, Jeffrey Alan Almeida 1961. Jeffrey died on 20 Mar 1998 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado, USA (Kill by a car.), and Gary Thomas Almeida 1963. 

Jack was employed as a Pawtucket Fire Fighter in 1960, had a heart attack and a quadruple bypass in 1980 and retired in 1981 from the Pawtucket Fire Department and moved the family to Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Jack Loved visiting Las Vegas NV and Bullhead City AZ, in the mid-late 1990's Jack and his wife sold their home, bought an RV, and became snow-birds living in Colorado in the summer and living in AZ/NV in the winter months. 

Jack died on 21 Aug 2010 in Colorado Springs. He was survived by his wife and two of his sons, two sisters and one half sister and at the time of his death he had five grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. He had always said when his time came, he wanted to be someplace warm. so he was interred in the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery, 11 Nov 2011.

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