Arthur Sheldon Parker was a pharmacist and businessman in Detroit, Michigan

30 Jul 1855 1
Richland, Kalamazoo, Michigan 1
23 Feb 1924 1
Los Angeles, California 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Arthur Sheldon Parker 1
Also known as:
A.S. Parker 1
30 Jul 1855 1
Richland, Kalamazoo, Michigan 1
Male 1
23 Feb 1924 1
Los Angeles, California 1
Cause: Heart disease 1
Burial Date: 03 Mar 1924 1
Burial Place: Mount Avon Cemetery, Rochester, Oakland, Michigan 1
Mother: Celestia C. Barnes 1
Father: Amasa S. Parker 1
Eva Woodward 1
31 May 1883 1
Rochester, Oakland, Michigan 1
Pharmacist 1
Institution: University of Michigan 1
To: 1879 1

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A.S. Parker, Founder of Chain Drug Stores, Dies at Los Angeles

Rochester, MI

Rochester Clarion [Rochester, Oakland, Michigan], February 29, 1924, p.1:

Passes Away in California

Arthur S. Parker, founder and former president of the Detroit Drug company, an organization which operates a chain of 14 retail stores in that city, died suddenly in Los Angeles, Cal., of heart disease Saturday night, according to word received Sunday by his nephew, M.L. Woodward, of 2215 Edison avenue, of Detroit. He was 68 years old.

Mr. Parker, who was graduated from the University of Michigan in 1879, had been engaged in the drug business in Detroit since that time. Previous to organization of the Detroit Drug company he had been connected with the Parke-Davis company, and a perfumery manufacturing concern.  He formerly was president of the Michigan Pharmaceutical society, and at the time of his retirement from active business life in January, 1923, was known as the oldest druggist in Detroit.

Besides his drug business, Mr. Parker was a devotee of floriculture, maintaining a 20 acres estate one mile north of Rochester, where his flower gardens were of state-wide reknown. Here for the past ten years he had spent his summers, driving to Detroit every day. With his wife, Mrs. Eva Parker, who survives him, he had spent his winters in California.

Besides Mrs. Parker, a brother, Justice Parker, of Indianapolis, an a sister, Mrs. Jenny Andrews, of Washington, D.C., he is survived by several nieces and nephews. There are no children.

The Detroit Drug company was formed in 1902, when Mr. Parker who at that time controlled a store at Woodward and Selden avenues, and the late F.W. Parry, with a store at Alexandrine and Woodward avenues, combined and established a drug store at Woodward and Grand boulevard.  From this beginning grew the present chain of 14 stores. H.A. Neuhoff succeeded Mr. Parker as president in 1923. M.C.P. Stratton is vice-president and W.C.M. Scott treasurer of the corporation.

Mr. Parker was born at Richland, Michigan. His wife before her marriage was Eva Woodard [sic], a daughter of Lysander Woodard [sic], one of Avon Township's earliest settlers and a very prominent man, having served in the state legislature, constitutional convention, etc., passing away about 1879.

It is expected the body will arrive in Detroit Sunday night and burial services will take place in the Rochester cemetery at 11:30 o'clock Monday.

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