Conflict Period:
Revolutionary War 1
Army 1
01 Mar 1738 1
Franfurk, Germany 1
09 Mar 1837 1
Montgomery County, Virginia 1

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Personal Details

01 Mar 1738 2
Franfurk, Germany 2
Male 2
09 Mar 1837 2
Montgomery County, Virginia 2
Margaret Clapp 2
1777-1780 2
Spouse Death Date: 22 Feb 1844, Gile, Virginia 2

Revolutionary War 1

Army 1

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Adam Lugar

Polly married Adam Lugar during 1777 in the Brick Church in Orange Co., North Carolina. 

They had 10 children they named: George, Barnabas, Phoebe, Jacob, Alescenda, Barbara, Elizabeth, John, Margaret and Adam Lugar Jr.

Anna came from a religious German family. Her grandfather, John Ludwig Clapp and her uncle George Valentine Clapp founded the Brick Reform Church in Guilford County, N.C. Her grandfather on her mothers side was the Rev. John Philip Boehm who founded the Reform Church in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Adam Lugar

LUGAR, ADAM: wife, Margaret, File #W8066 (pension application) Continental North Carolina Lines Soldier was born 1 Mar 1738 in Frankfort, Germany and left there at the age of 33, having enlisted to serve in the British Army. But he deserted in New York after 4 weeks service and enlisted in the Revolutionary Army at Lancaster, PA. Soldier applied for a pension, 1 Nov 1834 in Giles Co., Virginia, having lived there some 40 yrs. Soldier married in 1777 in Orange Co., NC to Margaret Clap or Clapp. Soldier died 9 Mar 1837 in Giles Co., Virginia and his widow applied there on 4 Feb 1841, aged 84. Widow died 22 Feb 1844. In 1841, children mentioned were: the oldest child (not named) was living in Indiana and Adam (the next to the youngest child) was of Giles Co., Virginia.

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