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Revolutionary Records in the Pennsylvania Archives

    About the Collection: The Pennsylvania Archives, a free collection, contains valuable information about the Revolutionary War, including:

    • Papers relating to the British Prisoners
    • Oaths of Allegiance
    • Muster Rolls

    Sample Image: This document is a list of British prisoners in Pennsylvania.

    Papers of the Continental Congress

    About the Collection: Official records of the original colonies and the early United States. The First Continental Congress (1774) addressed "intolerable acts" by the British. The Second Continental Congress (1775-1781) created the Declaration of Independence and the first national government. The Congress of the Confederation (1781-1789) followed. View important papers, letters, treaties, and reports-famous and obscure-relating to the formation of the new nation, as penned by the Founding Fathers.

    Sample Images**:** The first image is the Definitive Treaty of Peace signed in Paris that officially put an end to the Revolutionary War. The other images feature a letter from Nathaniel Green and includes his acceptance of command over the Southern Army.

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