27 Oct 1924 1
Feb 1986 1

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Full Name:
Edward Golon 1
27 Oct 1924 1
Feb 1986 1
Last Residence: Southington, CT 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Connecticut 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-8937 1

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Memories of Ed Golon by Bill Dailey

Farmington Ct.

Ed was my boss when I worked for Allstate. We were very close friends and enjoyed working on sports cars as a hobby. I have very fond memories of us making field trips to claim offices and salvage yards as part of my job to enhance our profits by getting the best dollar for our salvage.


I recall one time we drove to RI to pick up a great Ferrari recovered theft. After getting it back to the office we discussed ways to get the best dollars possible. We advertised the car in several big city newspapers and generated many bids. We ended up getting $11000 back from a total payout of $13000.


I called on Ed at his home when he was ill, and only after asking how his wife was doing did he tell me she had died the week before the visit.  I also called him when he was in the hospital for his final visit. His last words to me were," I'm too sick to talk"  He was a great friend and a super boss!

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