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Civil War Collections on Footnote

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Southern Claims Collection

About the Collection: In the 1870s, Southerners claimed compensation from the U.S. government for items used by the Union Army, ranging from corn and horses to trees and church buildings. Often these documents include testimonies containing rich family information including names, dates, places and events.

Sample Images: This claim is a fascinating personal history for Norvell M. Robinson. The first image lists the items he claimed were taken by the Union Army. The other images are a testimonial account of what happened during the battle at that time.

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Mathew B. Brady Civil War Photos Collection

About the Collection: Mathew B. Brady coordinated a team of photographers to help him document the Civil War, resulting in over 6,500 portraits, landscapes, and battle scenes.

Sample Images: Photo of President Lincoln; photo of the ruins of Richmond, VA; photo of a slave prison.


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Civil War Pension Index Files

About the Collection: Index to pension applications for service in the U.S. Army between 1861 and 1917, grouped according to the units in which the veterans served. Index cards include: The individual's rank, company, and regiment, dates of service, application number, and death date and place.

Sample Images: Pension Index for Charles De Great


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