Today In History- September 9

Today In History- September 9


Stono Rebellion erupts near Charleston, South Carolina.

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Stono Rebellion 1st major slave rebellion in U.S.

  • Charleston, South Carolina

The 1st slave revolt in the United States, on September 9, 1739, South Carolina slaves gathered near the Stono River in South Carolina to being a march for freedom.  Chanting cries of liberty as the marched, the slaves seized ammunition and arms from a store near the Stono River Bridge and destroyed homes and plantations while marching in the direction of Spanish Florida, the site of a well known slave sanctuary.  The revolt was eventually put down just days later with the organization of anti-slave plantation owners and the state militia.  Unfortunately, the goals of the rebellion were not witnessed, as harsher slave codes were enacted in the following years, with an increase in slave trafficking.

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