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John Elder (b. 1755 Cumberland Co PA - d. Beaver Co PA)


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Rev. War Pension Record #S23616 in PA ARCHIVES

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Rev. War Pension for Beaver Co PA

Rev. War Pension - John ELDER of Cumberland Co, Franklin Co and Beaver Co PA

Pension record #S23616 - Handwritten pages scanned at PA ARCHIVES for

Page 2, mentions "Capt. Abraham" (of Fannett Township, Franklin Co PA)

Page 7, mentions "Major James McCALMONT",
Google Books full text book:
"Pennsylvania in the war of the Revolution, associated battalions and militia, 1775-83. 2 v."

lists County of CUMBERLAND - Fifth Battalion, page 264-265
Officers, Col. Joseph Armstrong and Major James McCALMONT
Privates, James Findley, John Vance

Major James McCALMONT is buried at Rocky Springs Presbyterian Church, Letterkenny, Franklin Co PA

Pension Page 11-12 Letter from War Dept returning papers
for answering questions:
Page 13 - Desired info
May 1778 under Isaac Watts
1778 12 days Scout
3 mos. Noah Abraham's (From Fannett, Franklin Co PA)
Battles: Crooked Billet
Born: 1755 in Cumberland Co PA
"No data as to family" Found: Battle of Crooked Billet

...American forces
* Pennsylvania Militia, Bucks County Regiment (under Captain
William Pugh)
* Pennsylvania Militia, Cumberland County Regiments (under
Colonels Frederick Watts and Abraham Smith)

WATTS family of Cumberland Co PA
Frederick WATTS..."on Dec. 21, 1762, there was surveyed to him on a warrant
dated June 4, 1762, a tract of 331 acres of bottom land, lying three miles above the
mouth of the Juniata river, then in Cumberland, now in Perry county.
Upon this he made his home, and here he lived until his death. "

PENSION PAGES, listing Capt. Noah Abraham:

Questions on Rev. War Pension:

Noah Abraham was a signer of the "Memorial..." p. 186
Section Title: "Papers Relating To The War Of The Revolution"
..."that the Indians have penetrated almost to the Borders of the
Page 185

Page 186 List of Names signing the Petition


From ORVILLE ELDER book: David and Isabella Elder and those who came after them.
Notes for Descendants matching DNA of "FRANKLIN CO PA":

Page 13:  (Orville continues):
  "In that connection, too, the following excerpts from another letter to Mrs. McCall from uncle John J. may add a little more that is interesting and fairly authentic.  This letter was written in March, 1903, at a time when uncle John was recovering from a spell of sickness.  It would seem that Mrs. McCall (Leanna Elder McCall) had written to uncle John to make inquiry about some Dr. William Elder and the following is a part of this answer, the other parts of the letter referring principally to his illness:
  "Now in reply to your inquiry.  The Dr. Wm. Elder referred to in the Journal you sent me, I presume is the same who wrote the life and explorations of Dr. Kane, one of the first Arctic Explorers.  If the same, he was a cousin of my father's gr. grandfather.  I know very little of my grandfathers' brothers and sisters.  Only that there were several of them and that nearly all remained in eastern Pennsylvania.  Tath Valley [Path Valley] , Franklin Co.  I have met a number of persons who knew the Elders there and there were many and all sprung from grandfathers stock.
Grandfather was a Revolutionary soldier and pensioner, and he with several others came west of the Alleghanies and settled in Beaver Co, Pa., and eastern Ohio.  Among them, the Johnsons, Taggarts, Forbes and others.  I have seen my grandfather Elder, who was blind for some years.
  My father had 2 brothers and 5 sisters, Abraham, John, James, Nancy, Esther, Mary (Polly), Rebecca and Jane.  All got married and raised families, who are scattered all over the northern states. One (John) went South in 1826 or 7 and settled, married there and raised a large family so we learned many years ago.  I am sorry that I do not know more of the families than I do."


REF:  Elder, William, "Biography of Elisha Kent Kane"
      (Philadelphia, 1857) in
Google Books:

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