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George Lyman Walker

  • Portland Oregon

My Grandfather was a Stationary Engineer,I once had to ask what that meant. He  told me that the big boilers in his station at the canning company was what made every thing work.  They could can the fruits and vegetables  and send  it to service men over seas. I was only nine and I was very impressed . Where  he lived no would  give him work because he was to old. He came to our house. The factory here put him right to work( 75years old )because all the good men were in the service. I hope every one will forgive all the mistakes I make.

The more I learn about my family tree, the less I Know. In the process of looking up the grandfathers on both sides seem to jump up out of nowhere. Grampa Walker had 2 wives. Not to be out done My father had at least 3 wives an a few girl friends in between.

Now I must stop and tell you that I was Adopted By Karl John Nordberg, & Evelyn Grace Walker. They are the only parents I have. As most of you know, you would like to know who your  blood line was. The only problem is, in that age I grew up in you were not aloud to have these papers open up, no matter what the case would be. Legally.

I am their daughter in all respects. I was born January the 8th 1932.  They were married married on  July 31st 1935 and my adoption to them went through on week later. August 6th 1935, one week after their marriage. I Have so many storis to tell that i get lost

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