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Hines Ancestors

Hines Ancestors


Confederate military records of William M. Hines and his brother J.M. Hines

Stories about Hines Ancestors

Enlistment of Hines Brothers in the Confederate Army

  • Linden, Cass Co., Tx

On Feb 22, 1862, William (Wily) Marion Hines enlisted in the 32 Cavalry, Tx.  as a private.  He was in Co. H/I of the 15th Regiment.  He was enlisted by Captain W.A. Oliver.  When the Muster Roll dated Nov. 9, 1862 came out, he was absent because he was in the hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.  He was again absent for the roll for September and October because he was sick at Dechard, Tennessee.   He was present for the November and December muster.  He was present for the January and February 1863 muster.  He was at the hospital in Atlanta, Ga. when the March and April roll was called but was present when paid.   He was present for all muster rolls through October 1863.  The next muster roll in his file is dated April 5 1864 and is "made in compliance with G.O. No. 27, A.& I. G. O., March 2, 1864".  His presence was noted and the remarks section said, "Re enlisted for the war".

W.M. Hines was captured at Spanish Fort, Alabama on April 8, 1865.  He was listed on a Roll of Prisoners of War received at Ship Island, Miss. on April 10, 1865.  He was transferred from Ship Island, Miss., to Vicksburg, Miss. on May 1, 1865.

J.M.Hines (Joseph Miller Hines) was W.M. Hines' brother.  He was a year older.  He too enlisted at Linden, Cass Co. Tx. on Feb 22, 1862.  They were in the same unit.  Notations on the Muster Rolls indicate that J.M. Hines was on extra duty as a teamster.  He was present for all musters from enlistment through October 1863.  Voucher No. 5 dated Dec. 3, 1863 documents J.M. Hines receiving $67.50 for his services as a teamster.  He was paid .25 per day for a total of 270 days.  This was in addition to his regular pay as a private.

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