28 May 1890 1
Jan 1975 1

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Full Name:
Minnie Holler 1
28 May 1890 1
Jan 1975 1
Last Residence: Faith, NC 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: North Carolina 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-0629 1

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My Grandmother (by Paula Sue Holler)

Faith, NC

This seems a fitting thing to do on Minnies daughter's (Alice) birthday.  Minnie Kluttz Holler was married to William Earl Holler, a stone cutter by trade.  They had 8 children and lived in a little white house on a small farm in Faith, NC on the corner of Granite Quarry road.   I am her oldest son's (Moffitt Kell) child.  She went to the "Rock church" (ie: Reform Church of Christ) in Faith. 


I was one of her youngest grandchildren and really don't remember alot of her before a series of strokes started affecting her health and mind.  She was considered by her family to be a woman of great character, meticulas housekeeper, good cook and a talented craftsperson and much admired.  She was constantly sewing, kniting, quilting and even made a lovely baby basket for me.  She also made a quilt for each of her grandchildren.  I remember her as a women of great size and humor..LOL.  Always there to help others and enjoy good conversation.  Family was everything to her.  One of my favorite memories of her was watching her can pears over her wood cookstove, watching her put a cini stick inside each one.  There always seem to be a cat around and she enjoyed having one on her lap to pet. 


One story I remember being told on her was one day she was out on a drive with her sisters and the car stopped on the railroad tracks.  Before they could get it started again, a train came chugging down the tracks.  Everyone got out but Minnie, who got stuck in the door due to her generous size.  She ended up with a broken arm which I guess is pretty good for being a victim of a train crash.  Her family teased her over this and all had a good laugh.


I remember helping my grandmother with her, holding onto a walker, dressed in her huge german bonnett while she lectured that little ladies never want to get freckles on their legs over their knees.  That was a sin.   I am a redhead (like her) with freckles all over...LOL.   Minnies hair was still mostly red when she died.


In the 50's, she came out to visit us in Hawaii where dad (ie: Kell) was in the Navy.  I remember her getting off the airplane, and my dad putting a hawaian lei over here head.  I don't think she really liked my mother that much because one of the stories were told that Minnie would eat a raw onion, like eating an apple, right before Mom had her friends over.  Mom complained that Minnie did this on purpose.


My grandfather died durring the late years of the depression, leaving her with 7 living children.   Later on these children lovingly took turns caring for her.  She never had to go to a nursing home and I feel that due to this fact is why she remained here for such a long time after becoming ill. 


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