Wetumka High School Football Team - 1926

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An Oklahoma Athlete, Glen "Julie" Bowden (1911-1983)


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The start of Julie Bowden's athletic career

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Source for photo: Mary Knight McGarr email icemom617@aol.com

Glen Wadie "Julie" Bowden was born June 25, 1911 in Wetumka, Hughes Co., Oklahoma. He was the son of Marcus Berry Bowden and Ida Maud Cullins.

He is featured here in this photo with the "Wetumka High School Football Team" in 1926. Front row - third from the left. Even at age 15, he was much larger than the guys sitting next to him.

  • Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK
  • 1911-1926

Photo of Julie Bowden in football gear

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Wetumka H.S.

Individual photo taken the same time as the group photo above. 

Julie was about 14-15 years old when this photo was taken.

  • Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK
  • 1926

Sixteen year old Junior, Julie plays all sports during high school at Wetumka

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Wetumka Cage Ace Nets 323 Points for Season; More than half of Team's Scoring Contributed by 16-year old Giant

Julie at 16 years of age, weighed 175 pounds, was 6 feet tall wearing No. 10 gloves and No. 11 shoe.  He was rated as the best punter and passer in the conference football, twice making the all-conference team.  He also played on the schools baseball team and juggles the weights for the track squad.

Featured here Julie was mentioned in a newspaper article why playing for the Wetumka Basketball Team.

  • Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK
  • 11 Mar 1928

Wetumka Highschool Basketball Team, Forward

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17 straight for Wetumka

Julie was a starting forward while a Senior at Wetumka H.S.  He was 17 years old when featured in this newspaper article and photo.  Front row, middle.

He was made Captain of the Oklahoman's Second All-State Team in Football season of 1928.  He was also voted the most outstanding player in the East Central Conference in Football Fall of 1928.  He and his teammates won the Stillwater Class "B" State Baseball Tournament, the Tulsa University Baseball Tournament and the East Central Baseball Championship.  He played third base and hit in fourth place.

In Track he runs the 440, high jumps, puts the shot, hurls the discus, and does any other odd jobs in the meet that may be necessary for the Wetumka School to win, as he can broad jump around 19 feet.

He likes one sport about as well as another, probably preferring basketball and baseball to others. 

  • Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK
  • 7 Feb 1929

Julie is rated Best Basketball Player in East Central League

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Julie Bowden is rated best basketball player in league
In 1929, he was rated best basketball player in the East Central League.  In the Fall of 1928, Bowden was named the greatest all-round grid performer in the district.
  • Wetumka, Hughes Co., OK
  • 24 Feb 1929

Bowden recruited by Southeastern State Teachers College

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Ramsey's Savages pg. 1 of 2
2 images

Julie Bowden attended Southeastern State Teachers College from 1929-1933.

He was recruited to Southeastern by Runt Ramsey who was Julie’s coach in both basketball and football during his four year collegiate career.

He was named to the all-conference football team four straight years-the only player in Southeastern’s history to accomplish that. He led the state in scoring in 1931 and was the only unanimous all-conference selection his junior and senior years. He was the captain of the Savage football and basketball teams. He was a second team all-conference selection in basketball.

Bowden was a fullback who played a linebacker position on defense. He was a triple threat back who could do it all. He was a great runner, an outstanding receiver, and an excellent punter.

In addition to his heroics in football and basketball, he was an excellent baseball player. 

There is two pages to this newspaper article which mentions Julie. Julie is stated as being a 198 pound running, tearing, smashing human battering ram Fullbackand one of the best all-round athlete in the State.

  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 1929

Playing football for the Southeastern Savages

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Savages Grab Edge is they beat Rangers
Julie mentioned in this article as playing as Fullback for the Savages.  The Wetumka boy played a fine defensive game, as well as blocking superbly and snared several passes out of the air for good gains.
  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 24 Oct 1931

Savages vs. the Rangers at Southeastern Homecoming Game

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Savages vs. Rangers

Julie Bowden, steam roller for the Savages, and who made the other touchdowns against Ada, has forgotten his old ankle injury and looks like the all-state fullback of 1930 again.

  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 28 Oct 1931

Bowden Outstanding Star for Southeastern, scoring 3 touchdowns against Hendrix

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Savages beat Hendrix 21-7
Julie Bowden, a young husky, hailing from Wetumka, led the Savages of Southeastern Oklahoma Teachers College to victory over Hendrix College, 21 to 7, in Young Memorial Stadium.  Bowden carried the ball three times over and Wetumka's favorite son was on the sidelines when the Warriors braced in the 3rd period and clearly outplayed the Savages.  Bowden returned in the 4th quarter and with assistance from Timmons and Fulsom, the scoring was resumed.  Bowden and company counted 12 first downs to eight for Hendrix.
  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 21 Nov 1931

Southeastern Savages vs. 6 different Clubs on Trip

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SE plays against 6 clubs
Julie Bowden, Captain of team took a trip with the team to play against Pittsburg KS Teachers, Maryville MO Teachers, KC Athletic Club, SW Univ. in Winfield, KS and Hendrix College, Conway, AR.
  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 12 Dec 1931

Bronco's vs. Redmen (Savages)

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Bronco's face Redmen next
Julie mentioned in this article while playing on Southeastern's basketball team.
  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 10 Jan 1932

Holdenville Indians vs. Wewoka Oilers

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Holdenville Indians vs. Wewoka Oilers

Julie played baseball with the Holdenville Indians during his Summer break from college. 

Bowden leading their heavy artillery into action with 2 home runs, the Holdenville all - Indians avenged a former defeat by winning, 12 to 5, over the Wewoka Oilers.

  • Holdenville, Hughes Co., OK
  • 3 Jul 1932

SE Savages fighting for the football championship in Collegiate Conference

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Savages to produce a champion, SE to bid for the title
In this article, Julie is described as one of the greatest athletes the state has produced.  He is noted as a 198 pound old war plow horse plowing and crashing through with knees high and driving like an engine.  He can pass and punt with the best of them.
  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 29 Sep 1932

Photo of Julie Bowden & Prather Brown

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while playing for SE Savages
Photo of Julie (left) and Prather Brown (right) while playing for the Southeastern Savages in Durant.  Prather Brown is mentioned in the article above.
  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 1932

Savages vs. Ozarks, winning 41-0

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Savages roll over Ozarks, 41-0
Big Julie Bowden mentioned in this article while playing for SE Savages.  He apparently scored 4 goals.  Pictured here is the title of article only.
  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 16 Oct 1932

Julie Bowden, a 200 pound battering ram while playing football for SE Savages

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The Title his goal !

Described as a 200 pound battering ram in this article.  It states Julie will lead the SE Savages against the Central Bronco's in Friday night's important OK Collegiate Conference game at Durant.  Bowden, in his four years of competition, hopes to win a place in the annual cast-west game on the Pacific coast and his work against the Bronco's, defending conference champions, will have a vital bearing on his prospects of making the California trip. 

Julie is pictured in this article running with the football. 

  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 20 Oct 1932

Savages vs. Central Bronchos

story image(s)
Savages fear daring speed of Thompson
Captain Julie Bowden was in the staring lineup for this game weighing in at 197 pounds.  He is mentioned a couple of times in this article.
  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 21 Oct 1932

Julie Bowden plays his last football game with SE Savages

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Bowden of Savages is co-captain of all-star team

Given a "unanimous" vote in the 1932 selection of the all-Oklahoma Collegiate conference football team.  Julie Bowden and "Terrible" Terry Thompson, outstanding backs of Southeastern and Central State colleges, respectively, lead the team as co-captains.

197 pound Bowden, placed at fullback where he gave the Savages of Durant offensive strength as a ball-carrier and punter.  Julie is listed as a graduating Senior and playing his last game in a Savage football suit. 

  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 27 Nov 1932

Savages vs. the Boosters (basketball)

story image(s)
Savages capable of extending boosters in tonight's clash
The Savages basketball team is led by Julie Bowden.  With Big Julie Bowden, captain, the Savages have a club able to stay with the fastest independent club.  Bowden will pair with Lee Lewis at forwards, Norman Holt is the Savage center while Jay Stephenson and D. M. Ethridge are the guards.
  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 13 Dec 1932

Julie Bowden graduates next Spring from Southeastern

story image(s)
SE will pick new captains
All-State fullback for 4 seasons and all-state captain for 2 years, Julie Bowden of Wetumka will be graduating next Spring, 1933, SE will be picking new Captain for their football team.
  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 28 Dec 1932

Julie Bowden, all-round athletic giant

story image(s)
Drake out of Boosters game
Julie is mentioned in that last paragraph of this article.
  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 14 Jan 1933

Julie ends his career at Durant and trys out for professional baseball career

story image(s)
Bowden tries out for Dallas Steers

Julie makes a try out for the Dallas Steers in the TX League company. 

Last season, he played with the Holdenville Indians in the Denver Post Tourney and was named best player in the meet.  He was selected on the all-tourney team, of course, as centerfielder.

  • Oklahoma
  • 10 Mar 1933

Savage Star off to join Kansas City Blues baseball team

story image(s)
Savage Star off to join KC

Julie Bowden leaves Sunday for Kansas City, where he has accepted a contract with the KC Blues baseball team.

He plans to return to SE College for the first term next fall to complete his degree. 

  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 19 Mar 1933

Bowden to return at Southeastern College

story image(s)
Bowden to return to SE

Julie has enrolled to return to SE College to work on his B.A. degree.  He withdrew from school early last Spring to play baseball and failed to receive his degree in the Spring.

He will not be playing football for SE. 

  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 16 Sep 1933

Julie Bowden plays baseball and tours with Jim Thorpe

story image(s)
Jim Thorpe planning 1934 play for All-Indian Nine

Julie Bowden was one of the players touring with "Oklahoma All-Indian baseball club" with Jim Thorpe.  Jim Thorpe and the ball players met with Babe Ruth and toured the states of KS, IN, IL, OH, PA, NY, NJ, MD, CT, RI, MA, ME, VT, NH and DE.

The club left here on May 20, 1933 and returned last week (Sep 1933). They played 128 games, winning 87 and losing 41.

  • Holdenville, Hughes Co., OK
  • 19 Sep 1933

Bowden mentioned one last time in SE Savages write up

story image(s)
Bowden mentioned for the last time in SE Savages write up
Even though, Julie didn't play for the SE Savages during the 1933-34 season, he was mentioned in this article three times.
  • Durant, Bryan Co., OK
  • 18 Oct 1933

About the author, sources, etc.

Glen "Julie" Bowden was the half-brother of my grandfather, Opal Cullins Kirkpatrick. After the death of O.C.'s father, his mother married Julie's father and had more children from her second marriage. Julie is from this second marriage.

While attending Southeastern, Julie played for the (Holdenville Indians) Harjo Indians who won the national semi-pro tournament in Denver, Colorado. He was chosen as the outstanding player in the national tournament. After graduation from SE, he considered signing a contract with the Dallas Steers, a farm club of the Chicago White Sox but eventually signed with the Kansas City Blues Baseball team. He also toured with Jim Thorpe and played baseball touring 13 states playing 128 baseball games during the 1933 season.

Julie Bowden was a great college athlete. Some sports writers called him the “Human Steam Roller” and the "It" man of sports. He was inducted as a charter member of the Southeastern Athletic Hall of Fame on January 29, 1977.

After Julie's sports career, he moved to California and at one time worked as an oil driller in Southern California. In 1952, he was was living in Gardena, Los Angeles Co., CA. He died 16 Jun 1983 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., CA.

I never had the opportunity to meet Julie and he died before I got interested in genealogy but I do remember seeing his sports pictures in my grandmother's photo albums while growing up. I'm sure there is much more to Julie's life story. Perhaps a closer relative of his will see this page and decide to add to it.

He married Edna Thomason who was born 15 Mar 1915 and died 18 Jan 1994 in Sonoma Co., CA.  nfortunately, I do not know if they had any children. Once this information is learned, I will update this page.

Thank you for reading Julie's story. Please email us with any updates. ~Melinda

Sources: Census, various family members, Mary Knight McGarr email icemom617@aol.com, http://gosavagestorm.athleticsite.com/article.asp?articleID=227, social security index and CA death index.

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