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I recieved an Email from a total stranger who had read a posting about my 4X grandfather Andrew Short. She told me she had a photo album signed by Mrs Andrew Short 1877. When she sent it to me totally free it was like Christmas New Years and my birthday all together! I studied thealbum for a full year till I realized I was totally adicted to another family that wasn't even in my family tree! There were four clues that you might use as you explore the pics below! Joseph & Dolly Short with children Peter and Sadie. Grana Peter Short. Mary Short & husband David Price. and brother to Joseph George Short! There are several other Sir names listed that might be related. Cooper, Murray, and several first names and nicknames

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After 14 years of searching for my Ancestory I got an Email from a Mrs Johnson in Texas. She said she had and Album that her mother had bought in a thrift shop because it was so odd. It was about 11"X14" and had about 25 pages filled with very old pictures. each picture was about an eight of an inch thick and each page was about a quarter of an inch thick. on the pages and to the side was annotations some in pencil and some in blue ink! On the last page, acctually the dust cover in pencil was written Mrs. Andrew Short 1877, which was the year my Andrew died in Iowa. Just below her autograph in blue ink was Dolly Short. I thought I hit the jackpot of all time. I studied the names for a year, comparing them to what I knew from my GED. I could make close coinccidencs, but no positive matches. After a year I declaired this was not my family, but it may have been a branch I had no records of. During this time my son was in Iraq with the 101st AA Blt. and wounded twice! I couldn't watch TV or even listen to the radio. I do believe it helped me keep a symbolence of sanity, but on the same had it drove me crazy. I sent the album to a lady in Louisianna who thought it might be her line but I haven't heard from her sence; but not before I copied the photos and tintypes to a disc. Below are some of the photos with what I could piece together from the writting. The one photo marked Grana Peter Short had written more but I lost those notes I do remeber that it said he was from Germany as well as his wife where they were married, but her picture was missing and I can't remeber the name written. Please check out the photos below and see if you can come up with anthing in your Shorts!  Haha Joke! or write  <a>[email protected]</a>

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