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My family has been here sence 1600 and as late as 1886. My blood line comes from England Whales Norway Germany, and only God knows where else!

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My oldest American line

  • Marthas Vineyard Mass

My first American blood line starts with an English Quaker named William Tillton. According to legends in the area now known as Whales there was an old Roman Castle when the Roman Empire was trying to dominate the world. When they retreated they Saxon people who lived in that area took it over am made a town called TILLTON which was their languae for "town of the ruins". The people who lived in that area were called TILLTONs. In the 1500's a religous group derived from the Christian Religon interjected from the Roman lifestyle was developed from the Pagon religon of the natives in England later to call themselves Quaker! As the country of England developed and the church of the Royalty; Catholic Church, was in domination religously and politically, the Quakers were persicuted. At that time the New World was being developed and the Quakers took the opportunity to persue religous freedom. They sailed to America. William Tillton born in the mid to late 1500s was a member of this group. He had a son named Samuel Tillton who married a Jane Chase and they had a son named John Tillton on October 23, 1670 on an Island of Marthas Vinyard. That is the first doccumented proof I have in my GED. He married one of the Quaker's families named Mayhew. John Tillton married Sarah Mayhew 1670 and she had a son named  Joseph Tillton on Dec 12 1710 in Chilmarks, Dukes Co. Martha Vineyard Mass.Joseph married Ruth Mayhew b.July 29, 1714 . Ruth died after giving birth to her first child Matthew Tillton May 13, 1740 . When Joseph married Ruth's sister ,Sarah and she gave John another 10 children. At that time I got a sever head ache from all the Tilltons which somewhere along the line lost an L and became Tilton and the Mayhew's I had to get away from the Tilton line for a while. Anyhow that was eleven generations ago. and if you would like you can contact me at <a>[email protected]</a> for more info.

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