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Samuel Baugh

Samuel Baugh


Samuel Baugh, born c. 1790 in Chesterfield County, VA, came to Logan County, KY in 1817.

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Simeon Baugh served in Civil War

  • Gaspar, Logan County, KY

Binnie Baugh, born Oct 1886 to James Andrew  and Della Kelly Baugh, remembered visiting her great grandfather as a young girl near Auburn, KY. She said his name was either Sim or Sam. After many years of research, I learned that his name was Samuel. Sim was a shortened form of his son's name, Simeon Baugh.

Family legend says that Samuel lived to be 111 years of age. On his War of 1812 Pension application filed 7 April 1871, Samuel stated that he was 83 years of age. From this information, I deduce that Samuel was living with his son in the early 1890s which would make him over 100 years of age at that time.

From Simeon's Civil War Pension application as well as death records, I know that Simeon lived at Gaspar, northwest of Auburn. Simeon died in 1913 and is buried in a cemetery in Auburn. I have had no success in locating any information about Samuel's death. I will go to Auburn, KY and see what information I can find there.

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