Smoke Signals,Teapots,Shamrocks And Kruat

Smoke Signals,Teapots,Shamrocks And Kruat


1/4 cherokee indian,1/4 English 1/4 Irish 1/4 German

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Martin Timothy Berry 1863

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Came to The United States from England(Lancanshire) abt 1870 ,It took me 8 year to find my Grandfathers grave and information on the Berry side of the family,I am still looking for information on Martha(100% Cherokee Indian who live in Bledsoe/Sequatchie Co East Tn-she had children with John C Cagle #3-Amos b 2-9-1900 -d 1964 Tn Flossey J My grandmother-B1904-D-abt Nov 1947 -was told she is in a unmarked grave on a mountain about 10 miles from Dunlap Cagle cemetry Is now located on Brockdell Mountain(Then is was called Cagle Mountain).Flossey born lived and died in that area she married Thomas Timoth Berry from Port Perry,Pa on Dec 12,1920 they had 2 boys Flossey had a daughter that carried the Berry name but was not a Berry when Tom found out he left to be with family in Pa I never met him My father would not talk about his family at all just a few word on Marth the grandmother he adored.I never knew he had a stepfather until about 1995 when my Half Aunt gave me a picture of him-I found the son from this marriage in 2004 he had no family contact in 51 years he has now passed away but I got to call him & write to him before he died in tracing this tree I started with 3 Myself,My Father,My mother who died when I was 3 I have gotten back to the 1700 but keep on hitting brick walls I have learned why my father never wanted to talk about family All I ever knew for sure was he had a brother we had went to Pa when a was six,My memories remember 3 cousin his wife ,but there where 4 children in the last 2 month I contacted one of his daughter's after years of looking and she gave me alittle information she really didn't know much as her mother left my uncle and hid out from him the last I seen Uncle Tom was In the 70's in Detroit for a day I only met him twice in My life I knew he lived in New Orelan with his second wife-she would not permit family contact at all when searching for information via the net I found his SSI in the death Index he had passed in March 1986 she never called I call La when my Dad passed 6-11-1997 but I didn't know at that time that the 2nd wife had passed in 1996-her children never mentioned either one I just wanted Uncle Tom to know his oldest brother had died from colon cancer-there has been no futher contact with these people in Gretna,La since I have been trying to find my Uncle grave in Jefferson Parish no luck yet I will continute looking ,His own children never knew he had died I told his daughter I have search for 8 years so far discover many family secrets and surprises I am pleased but would love to know more if possible. Names I am looking into are Martha ???Cagle/Johnson 1873-1950 East Tn I don't have the Indian name I was told she was traded as a child for a horse if I got the right one that John C Cagle married there is a 30 year age differance..I have found out alot but I know there is more and I want the information it will maybe help me find the closure I am looking for and not finding.

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