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John Albert Sandlin

  • Kentucky

John Albert Sandlin born 1863 Kentucky died 1913 Waleeka, Oklahoma married Arvilla Abigale born 1879 Alabama died 1919 in Sequoyah,OK. Their marriage date was 1902.   The parents of John Albert Sandlin were Andrew J. Sandlin and Mary Jane Dixon and the parents of Arvilla Abigale were John Loggins and Catherine Rachael Evans.  Children of John Albert and Arvilla were: 1. Bessie 1903 Texas, Johny Rachael born 1904 Arkansas, Josie Jewell born 1906 Mena , Polk, Arkansas, James Nicholas born 1908 in Mena,Polk, Arkansas, Rosie Lee born 1909 Arkansas, Clayton Chocie born 1910 Oleta,Pushmahata, Oklahoma.

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