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  • Frankfurt Germany

Frankfurt Germany, Talent Contest by the Armed Forces Network, AFN Frankfurt. 50 entertainers selected for broadcast and Hemedinger grabs 1st Place. When a citizen in the USA, Lauren Hemedinger was better known as Bob Laurence, crooner from New York State. "Buffalo, NY to be precise".During my active service in Germany, I enjoyed the priviledge of singing for the HiBrass in several locations From Frankfurt to Garmish. The one outstanding event in my life during active service was Operation Goodwill. I was selected by the US Army to head up a joint project between the GYA (German Youth Assciation) and the AYA (American Youth Association). Giessen Germany was the site selected for our project, and Mr. Herrman Schmits was the representative for the German youth. Together we put the talented youth groups together to perform 3 Coins in the Fountain, a stage play and musical. If anyone recalls these events, feel free to conract me.

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