I Know you're out there but where?

I Know you're out there but where?


Ms. Nena Davis was born November 1, 1895 to the late Joseph and Harriet Davis in Waynesboro, Mississippi. She had six brothers and three sisters. The brothers name i know are Dossie Davis who was my maternal grand-father, and Norman Davis.The sisters were Eddie mae Davis Hundley and Lee Rogers Dresser Davis. Dossie Davis children are Johnnie pearl Davis, Leona Davis and Bedell Davis he died when he was a young boy with (tb). My materal grand-mother was Algreen Gray Davis born July 27, 1911 and died February 1938 with (tb). Her sisters was Ruby Estella Gray and Lela mae Gray SpearsWalker. Her brothers was Edgar m. Gray and Johnny Clarence Gray. Mattie Hayes Gray was Algreen's mother. Mattie Gray had a brother named Jeb Hayes and sister Alice Hayes Graham. Dossie Davis sisters were Nena Davis, Eddie Davis Hundley and Lee Davis Rogers Dresser. Some names mentioned are Aunt Sarah Ann Cooley, Mary Emma Graham,Edna Earl Ellis,Lela Mae Spears, Clinton, Melvin and Mattie Gray Brewer. Surnames with the family history are Rankin,Figgers,Morris,Warren,Pace,and Smith.

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Davis and Gray Ancestors

  • Waynesboro and Hattiesburg Mississippi, USA

Son ancestors migrated to Cuyahoga,Ohio Cook County,Chicago and Tampa Florida.

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