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Once upon a time

Working on Naturalization Records. First task: Find Domingos Veiga.


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Boston, MA USA


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Veiga, Domingos

Boston, MA USA

Index to Petitions and Records of Naturalizations of the U.S. and District Courts for the DIstrict of Massachusetts, 1907-1966.  NARA.  M1545.  Who?  Veiga, Domingos.  DOB:  1885.
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Jewell, George

New York

[See "Out of the Shadows", p. 11:George Jewell "came to America from Holland early in the 18th century....  [He] settled in Duchess Co., N.Y.  He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.""The name of George Jewell appears three times in the book, "New York in the Revolution', a state publication...."  Either George enlisted three times or there were others with the same name.  See pages 137 and 240 (2nd Duchess Co.) and p. 146 (6th Duchess Co.).  Land Bounty rights were awarded to men who served in the 2nd.  He married Hannah and had 11 children beginning with John in 1769 and ending with Thomas in 1792.  See Carolyn Jewell Hosford's "Out of the Shadows" (Syracuse, 1937), p. 11. 

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Jewell, George

Weedsport, Cayuga, NY

Lawyers ? letter to Washington says of George Jewell: "He has no one to assist him but myself and so poor that he can not pay one farthing of the Expense. He can prove years of patriotic duty in which he was engaged every other night alternately when he was not Called away on other duty. The Completed ? Certificate, ???, give all the proof that can be found on the Books at Albany."
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