Kinsman Dutton

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Kinsman Dutton 1759-1837

  • Chester County PA

(Under construction) Kinsman was between the ages of 18 and 51 in the 1786 list of males living in Chester co, PA. This could be Kinsman III who would have been 27 years old in 1786 (see page 283). Both Kinsman I and II (aka Kingsmans) died before 1786. Kinsman III's father died before 15 Jun 1763 when his widow's probate record was filed and his grandfather died before his Probate records were filed on 29 Jul 1765).

Chester County Rates

  • Chester County, PA

The Chester County Rates for Upper Chichester indicated that Kinsman Dutton owned 80 acres of land and had 2 horses and 2 cattle in 1765 (see page 14). This could have been his grandfather who died in 1765. His father, Kinsman II, had already passed on by 1763. Kingsman I's property was much involved and was partly settled by probate. His mill, Dutton's MIll, was sold in 1768 by Sheriff.