Today In History- July 25

Today In History- July 25


The Crittenden-Johnson Resolution is passed stating that the war is being fought to preserve the Union and not to end slavery.

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Crittenden Resolution defines purpose of Civil War.

  • Washington D.C., USA

In a stunning declaration, on July 25, 1861, the Crittenden-Johnson Resolution is passed, claiming the purpose of the Civil War being fought is for the preservation of the union.  In addition to the breakup of the states as a motivation to fight, many other reasons were addressed, especially that of the abolition of slavery, though never specifically stated until 1863.  Accordingly, the resolution specified that the Union take no action in the conflict to abolish or regulate slavery.  This was of particular concern for President Abraham Lincoln, who worried at the beginning of the war that more states would leave the Union to join the Confederacy.

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