Today In History- July 19

Today In History- July 19


Salem Witch Trials: Five women are hanged for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts.

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Salem Witch Trials results in five hangings.

  • Salem, Massachusetts

Following weeks of intense trials and accusations, on July 19, 1692, five women were hanged in Salem, Massachusetts.  The Salem Witch Trials, as they came to be known, eventually culminated in the successful execution of nearly twenty men and women, with circumstantial evidence to support their guilt.  Earlier trials were held in villages throughout the province, with over 150 people being accused and tried, often only with the admittance of spectral evidence.  Though only 19 were eventually sentenced and executed as a result of the trials, mainly in Salem Village, many ministers and public officials were outraged as to the severity of the trials, with evidence of the devil possessing the souls of many being used to justify.

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