Today In History- July 18

Today In History- July 18


The U.S. Congress forms the Aviation Section, U.S. Signal Corps.

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Aviation Section receives additional funding for flight program.

  • Washington D.C., USA

On July 18, 1914, the U.S. Congress approved the formation of the Aviation Section of the U.S. Signal Corps, just weeks after the beginning of World War One in Europe.  This new congressional act increased the size of the U.S. military aviation division, which was a group from the former Aeronautical division of the military.  As part of the requirements, servicemen were enlisted from other branches of the army as opposed to simply the original Signal Corps.  The military was particularly concerned with Mexican hostilities, as the Tampico Affair had occurred just weeks previously.  The first branch of the Aviation Section was primarlly stationed in Texas, as a result of the preparation in the Mexican War.

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