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My Father and my Coca cola: A Good Lesson!

  • War, West Virginia (Cove area)

My father used to take me to the BIG town of War with him real often. While in town he , being a preacher knew everybody in town and he would talk for what seemed hours to me, so he would buy me a coke in those small glass bottles to pacify me while he fellowshipped with friends. One day he did not take me with him on his weekly visit, he came home and was weeding our garden when I discovered he hadn't brought me a coke. When I asked him if he had gone to town he wouldn't answer me so I picked up a small coke bottle from the back porch and decided to toss it near him to get his attention! Well the bottle HIT him right on the head and he RAN from the garden and spanked me so hard that I COULD Not sit down for what seemed like an hour. Would you believe that I still love my Coca cola--after all these years!  Dad & Mom raised 13 children and I believe I'm the only one who ever hit him with a coke bottle!  I MISS MY DAD Rufus Everett Dunford. I loved to hear him preach! Peggy Dunford Woodward.

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