My Grandfather,the Armenian Orphan

My Grandfather,the Armenian Orphan


This story is about a boy who finally reached America!

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"My Grandfather,the Armenian Orphan

  • 1918,Armenia

When the war began my grandfather Hagop A. Mazloumian was a boy of 12 years.The family consist of [father] Andres Mazloumian,[mother] Asghavni neeArakelian his [sister] Lucille 9 , and younger brother Vahan 6. They where quite well off,having two farms which were worked by tenants, the family living in the heart of Armenia,everthing going right   For five hundred years the Turks and the Armenians had been very friendly,The Armenians had been able to help the Turks a great deal in becoming more civilized, and finding better ways of living. However one of theTurkish sultans once had a dream that an Armenian came and stabbed him,and from that time on he set out to kill all the Armenians They were protected ,however by the British. Then the Turks decided that the country should have the Mohammedan religion,and as the Armenians had always been Christians the Turks began to molest them.   The Armenians refused to give up the Christian religion and become Mohammedans and it was then that the massacres began. This was just the beginning of the world war,which furnished a good reason for the Turks to drive the Armenians out of their cities,as the Turks were allied with Germany.

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