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    From memories of the 50's we visited the franklin Saffords in Southern Pines on 2 occasions . My fatther Frederic E Mason was a longtime Harness Horse fan and was Race Secretary of the Franklin County Fair in Malone NY for many years.  He persauded Franklin to ship horses to the Fair and he did for a few years.  Am researching that part and will share when I have all the details.

    Most famous of stories of Franklin and my father was at Saratoga when my father went to the stable area to see Franklin they of course had a conversation and the track announcer "paged" Franklin over the PA system that he had 2 minutes to be on the track. He said to my father sit on the sulky the "other way" and I give you a ride to the track.  The Stewards fined Franklin $100. for this "ride"!!!!  Everyone in the Clubhouse and stands "booed" when it was announced.  Franklin said it was the best $100. he had ever spent.  More to come

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