A Sharecropper's Wife - Etta Harriett Cox Ramey

A Sharecropper's Wife - Etta Harriett Cox Ramey


On April 12, 1891, Etta Harriett Cox married Jacob Doctor Ramey in Lees Creek, Crawford, Arkansas. They raised a large family of 9 children on a sharecropper's salary. They had 10 children, however their first died in infancy

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Etta Harriett Cox Marries Jacob Doctor Ramey

  • Lees Creek, Crawford, Arkansas

Etta repeated many stories to her grandson, Quentin Gregory.  One of those was of her courtship and early marriage to Jacob Ramey.  They would go to parties where there would be a candy pull as entertainment.  Couples would take a piece of the hardened candy and break it in half.  The ladies would place their piece onto a table and the men where to try and match the lady of their choice.  Etta and Jacob actually cheated!  They had a secret plan they arranged ahead; Etta would set her piece of candy on its end so that Jacob could be first to find the matching piece and they would win the game.

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