Zenner's in the newspapers

Zenner's in the newspapers


Here are a few famous and not so famous Zenner's from a search of the Genealogy Bank newspaper archives.

Stories about Zenner's in the newspapers

Zenner Surname Genealogy Bank Newspaper Archives

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Historical Newspapers  

  1. Wolff to be Tried Today

Date: September 25, 1907
Location: Washington
Paper: Morning Olympian
Article type:  News Article

Jacob Wolff aka Ed Zenner

  1. Dies after Giving Warning Boss of Construction Crew Cautions Bystanders Then is Killed

Date: December 4, 1912
Location: North Dakota
Paper: Grand Forks Herald
Article type:  News Article

  1. Whitsuntide Festivities

Date: May 26, 1896
Location: Pennsylvania
Paper: Philadelphia Inquirer
Article type:  News Article

Philipp Zenner, General

"...alary, from all of the forty societies, was given.  Two hundred uniformed horsemen led the procession, which was in charge of the following officiers:  General Philip Zenner, Lieutenant Anton Rapp, Colonel John W. Buch, Staff Adjutant Franz Balkie, Quartermaster Carl Goering, Paymaster Gottlieb Ham-..."

  1. No Headline

Date: January 30, 1916
Location: Oregon
Paper: Oregonian
Article type:

"Glenhaven, C. V. Killgore, Principal, ...Maudie Zenner, ...Henry Livingston...Charley Grove, Edward Jensen..."

  1. Zenner Shoots Himself the Murderer of His Pretty Sweetheart Carries out His Written Promise

Date: February 6, 1892
Location: Pennsylvania
Paper: Philadelphia Inquirer
Article type:  News Article


  1. Summary of the News

Date: February 6, 1892
Location: Maryland
Paper: Sun
Article type:  News Article

"...Frederick Zenner, who killed his sweetheart, Maggie Weismiller ?, in New York, committed suicide yesterday.

Work on the Reading Terminal system..."

  1. [Frank Zenner; Zenner; Zenner]

Date: December 19, 1903
Location: Washington
Paper: Olympia Record
Article type:  News Article

"The attorneys of Frank Zenner, presented arguement in the supreme court yesterday morning for a writ of habeous corpus.  Zenner was convicted in October und the new mortality law ofliving with a fallen women of African descent, his case is now pending an appeal."

  1. Zenner and Pump

Date: October 2, 1892
Location: Arizona
Paper: Tombstone Epitaph Prospector
Article type:  News Article

  1. [Charles Zenner]

Date: April 11, 1842
Location: Massachusetts
Paper: Boston Evening Transcript
Article type:
(christian musical author)

  1. Not Yet Fixed. The Twenty-Ninth Ward "Kickers" Still at Sea. Objecting to Their Own Committee's

Date: January 1, 1886
Location: Pennsylvania
Paper: Philadelphia Inquirer
Article type:  News Article

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