15 Jul 1913 1
Mechanicsville Chapel, Bennett Funeral Home, 8014 Lee Davis Rd 2

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Josephine Catheren Davis Adams 3
Also known as:
Sister and Josephine C "Phelps" 3
Full Name:
Josephine C Davis 1
15 Jul 1913 1
Mechanicsville Chapel, Bennett Funeral Home, 8014 Lee Davis Rd 2
Cause: Breast cancer spread; we found 3 sons had prostrate cancer 2
27 Oct 2006 1
Burial Date: 10 Mar 2006 3
Burial Place: Interment Riverview Cemetery 3
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 11' 2
Weight/Build: obese 2
Eye Color: green 2
Hair Color: Brown 2
Last Residence: Henrico, VA 1
Housewife, and mother 3
Christian 3
Race or Ethnicity:
caucasion 3
Children with 1st husband William Marshall Phelps:
Lynnwood Phelps: Oldest born son died at a very young age; approximately 2. He had polio and was also born with one kidney 4
Ronnie Leslie Phelps: baby boy alcoholic who married young, had 3 boys and was an alcoholic. 4
William Lawrence Phelps Sr: Born in 1942 as the second son, but grew up as the oldest child. Born with one kidney, and survived Scarlet fever 4
Children with George Adams Sr-2nd spouse::
George Adams Jr: First child, who played Christian music in a band, had 2 kids of each sex with 1st wife that he does not associate with. 5
Kenneth Adams: baby boy who is obese, married his brothers’ daughter in law Norma, and had one of each sex for children. 5
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (PE) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-9822 1

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When you went over grandma's, she never asked you if you were hungry; but you did eat. It was mandatory. She had a boy friend Hershey that she would force to fix something for us; no matter who or how much they argued.

I cant remember the amount that grandma told my mom on how little of an education she had, but it was obvious that grandma had not been schooled. She also had a terrible memory that she passed on to us.

Poor William Lawrence Phelps JR

Richmond, Va

Dad was 12, and came home from school to find grandma gone with his sibblings.  He was just left alone to wonder.  I really hope that she had no idea of what she did. When my dad was very young, no older than ten if that, his grandma left her husband.  So my dad's father left to go with her and they moved to Ca.  So grandma moved in with great grandpa for awhile. We do not know why.  I do know that I hope this is what made grandma think it was ok to just leave my dad.Either way, my dad was left a lot and now I see why he lets mom walk all over him.


Richmond, Va

We were at my uncle Ronnies girlfriends funeral. It was so many people there. I asked grandma as usual just like I always bothered everyone for family history.  She went to ask one of her brothers. I did not catch his name it was so crowded and noisey. Grandma said she would ask her family one question. I asked where were we originally from? I did hear him yell "Scotland."

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