Company B, Blount County Continentals

Company B, Blount County Continentals


19th Alabama Infantry

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MacKenzie's Company

  • Alabama

**   Company B, Blount County, Blount Continentals, 19th Alabama Infantry, MacKenzie's Company.**

From the compiled Service Records: Company Muster Roll for Aug. 14 1861 to Oct. 31, 1861; Camp Near Huntsville,Alabama: This company was organzied at Summit, Alabama and marched Aug. 12th 1861 from that place to Huntsville,Alabama. (distance forty miles) in compliance with an order from the Governor of said state.  Since the arrival of the Company at Huntsville, it has been instructed in the school of the company soldier and battalion and in the manual of arms(with borrowed rifles). Struck camp Sept. 25 and marched to Blue Spring about five miles North of Huntsville, Alabama.  The company has suffered much from sickness having had over seventy cases of measles, besides mumps, pneumonia, typhoid fever , all of which cases have been treated without loss of a single case.

Company Muster Roll for Jan. and Feb. 1864; Near Dalton, Georgia: This company left this camp Feb. 24, 1864, marched beyond Dalton about one mile, formed line of battle, threw up heavy breastworks, remained in line until the 28th when it returned to this camp again.

Among the killed were: Capt. William R. McKenzie May 29th at Corinth; R.J. Healey at Murfreesboro; H.L.Houston, Atlanta; Capt. Nathan J. Venable, at Marietta; Capt. Ed. Thornton at Jonesboro; Lieut. Joseph B. High at Chickamauga.

Its field officers were: Col. Joseph Weeler and Samuel K. McSpadden; Lieut.Col. Edward D. Tracy, afterward brigadier-general and killed near Port Gibson, May 1, 1863, George R. Kimbrough and Nick Davis. Its majors were James H. Savage and Solomon Palmer.

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