Constitutional Convention, Week of 18 June 1787

Constitutional Convention, Week of 18 June 1787


Transcripts and notes from the constitutional convention between 18 June and 23 June 1787

Monday, From the Journal of the Committee of the Whole House

  • Philadelphia, PA

In a Committee of the whole house Monday June 18, 1787

Mr. Gorham in the Chair

It was moved by Mr. Dickinson seconded by [blank] to postpone the consideration of the first resolution submitted by Mr. Paterson in order to introduce the following namely

“Resolved that the articles of confederation ought to be revised and amended, so as to render the government of the United States adequate to the Exigencies, the preservation, and the properity of the Union.”

And on the question to agree to the same

It passed in the affirmative

It was then moved and seconded that the Committee do now rise, report a further progress, and request leave to sit again

The Committee then rose

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