30 Nov 1921 1
12 Jul 1992 1

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Full Name:
Ogden C Gorman 1
30 Nov 1921 1
12 Jul 1992 1
Last Residence: Owings Mills, MD 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Unknown Code (HC) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-0550 1

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Ogden C Gorman, 427thBS ETO WWII

British Isles

3rd from L) Jim Bugbee (Friend Ogden Gorman Photo) Went to Canada to Train together.
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Ogden's story is as unique and as unusual as many of those from WWII.  It is also a story of amazing patriotism and pride in our Country and it is a testimony to the energetic youth of pre-war America.

  Stories and pictures from Ogden's proud son Peter Gorman.

   Before war was declared, many were preparing in nearly every way possible. 

 Ogden and Jim Bugbee were both from Baltimore MD and most probably walked in together.... they were interviewed in NY by the Clayton Knight Committee, (made up of WW I US Military Pilots) and were accepted imm.   They took a bus to Canada and joined the RCAF the next day (1941). Upon arriving at Ottawa Recruiting station, (10 to 12 American Cadets) .....They were told it would be a 100 miles by train . . . WOOPS ! 1200 miles by train.   Ogden and Jim trained in a Tiger Moth and a twin Cessna.  Thier summer uniforms, as a Pre-Pilot-Cadets (Air craftsman 2nd class) . . . so as full-fledged Cadets, They were leading Airman. I think we were called GADGETS ! We wore embroidered propellers and a USA patch on our shoulder.
WAR was declared and we were given the option of returning, the US Gov. then ransomed-back their Canadian-Trained Pilots .   Now it is HISTORY;   Jim Bugbee went home (SEE link under the MAP on the Left) while Ogden remained for a while as a PILOT INSTRUCTOR.

  Later, Ogden would return to the USA and be assigned to the 427th BS and flew as Pilot of a Halifax Bomber, Combat Missions out of Leeming, England.


Ogden's son Peter Gorman writes to  Barbi Ennis Connolly on Fri. 11 Jan. 2013 . . . . .

     Thank you for a post on the web about Jim Bugbee. I was trying to find out more information on him and your site was a big help. My father, Ogden Gorman also from Baltimore went to Canada with Jim to join the RCAF. They were part of the famous M Squadron of Americans in the RCAF. I have a photo of the whole group. In June 1942 the Americans had a chance to return and I think many of them did. My father stayed on as an instructor and then was later part of the 427th Squadron flying a Halifax Bomber out of Leeming, England . I have a half a dozen letters sent to my father from Jim the last one is in May of 1943 recounting his missions in Africa. That is the last letter. There is also a news clipping from the Baltimore Sun about Capt. Jim Bugbee flying 65 missions. My father never mentioned the war as I grew up and certainly never mentioned Mr. Bugbee. For all I know they could have continued staying in touch. So many unanswered questions. From your information I was at least able to learn that Mr. Bugbee survived the war which was a big question I had.

     Thanks again.

Peter Gorman  
Sitka , Alaska

  There will be more to come, from Odgen's proud son Peter and also from what ever Capt. Jim remembers from that time :)  :)  :)

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