Constitutional Convention, Week of 11 June 1787

Constitutional Convention, Week of 11 June 1787


Transcripts and notes from the constitutional convention between 11 June and 16 June 1787

Monday, From the Journal of the House

  • Philadelphia, PA

Journal of the federal Convention Monday June 11, 1787

The honorable Abraham Baldwin Esquire, one of the Deputies of the State of Georgia, attended and took his Seat.

The order of the day being read.

The house resolved itself into a Committee of the whole house to consider of the State of the American Union

Mr. President left the chair

Mr. Gorham took the chair of the Committee

Mr. President resumed the chair

Mr. Gorham reported from the Committee that the Committee had made a further progress in the matter to them referred: and had directed him to move that they may have leave to sit again

Resolved that this house will to-morrow again resolve itself into a committee of the whole house to consider the state of the American union

And then the house adjourned till to-morrow at 11 o’clock A.M.

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