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Started his own Business

  • Glendale California

** My Uncle Fred Virgil Banister was the adopted son of Robert Rothrock Banister and Sarah Eliza Cannedy Banister. He was born 1903 in Missouri and died 2000 in Glendale,California.**

My Uncle left St. Louis Missouri with his wife to go to California to open up his own Business.  I was very little, so I dont even remember what he looked like. He  left and never returned to St. Louis Mo.

He opened his business in Glendale,California.   The name of his business was Banister's Fine Shoes, it was a very lucretive business, he and his wife worked until he retired and sold his business.  Their home in Glendale,California was the second house to be built in Glendale.  He has since died at the age of 96 yrs. old. I never really got to know him and Aunt Gladys.  My late Mother said that they both were very wonderful people and hard working.

The only time my Uncle Fred came back was at the funeral of my grandfather Robert R. Banister in 1955 at Greenfield,Illinois.

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