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  • South Carolina, Tennessee,Illinois

** Parents of Robert Rothrock Banister, my grandfather, was the son of Newman Banister born 1830 South Carolina died ??? and married Catherine Jackson born 1831 in Pickens Co. South Carolina...also married Harriett Paxton.**

Parents of Newman Banister were John B. Banister born 1804 S.C. married Sarah ??? born 1800 S.C. also married Rhoda Miles.

Parents of Catherine Jackson were William Jackson born 1804 South Carolina died in Georgia and married Caroline Haynes born 1809 died ??? daughter of Nancy Ann Nelson and John Haynes.

Sarah Eliza Cannedy, grandmother, her parents were Martin Vanburen Cannedy born 1843 Illinois died 1931 Illinois and married Sarah Jane Wilson born 1845 in Lincolnshire England and died  1876 in Illinois he also married Serilda J. Cowart.

Parents of Martin Vanburen Cannedy were Eliza Grizzle 1798 in TN. died 1867 in Illinois and James Cannedy 1790 in TN. died 1870 in Illinois.

Parents of Sarah Jane Wilson were Benjamin Wilson 1816 in England and died 1872 in Illinois married Sarah Jane Gooding born ????  died 1851 ...

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