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  • Texas, Oklahoma

**  The oldest son of John Henry and Elizabeth Ann Cannedy Pittman, also of Harmon County was born April 10, 1870 in McKinney, Collin Co. Texas. On Feb. 2, 1892 he married Rebecca Lucinda Speaks at Greenville, Hunt CO. Texas, where she was born on March 4, 1875.  Daughter of William M. Speaks and Lillis America Wells(known as Grannie Speaks), who also settled in Harmon County.**

Bill and Beckie went to Illinois and worked on the Fairbanks Ranch until they rejoined the family in Wilbarger,Texas.  From there, they went to Dennison Texas and then on to settle in Old Greer County Indian Territory approximately 3/4 mile south and one mile west of Gould in August 1897. He later sold this land to his Uncle, Oscar Woodman, and moved down on the Jarvis Place , south of Gould.  In 1921 he moved north of Gould, then back South of Gould in 1923 to a farm at LaHoma, where he remained until his death.

During his life in Harmon County, he was a farmer and horse breeder, ran a cafe, served as a Deputy Sheriff, worked as a Superintendent under the Harmon Co. Road Commissioner and was Stree Commissioner.  Next to his family, Bill loved his race horses and racing  and never missed an opportunity to show them off.

Beckie was a member of the First Baptist Church in Gould and went every Sunday.  She raised turkeys  and chickens, which she loved to do.  After Bill's death she picked cotton, ran the farm and took care of the family for about a year and a half while the two youngest children were attending LaHoma School. She then sold all the stock and machinery and bought a home across the street from the Gould School.  She continued living in Gould, until age 65, when she went to live with one of her daughters in Mangum.

Out of 11 children , 9 survived: William Lee Allen John Henry born 1893, James Wesley Leroy Sylvester born 1895, Martha Maye born 1899, Mollie Lillie Belle born 1901, Buster Joshua born 1903, Robert Smith born 1904, Hazel Zoe born 1905, Elmer Ray born 1910, Jessie Glenna 1915. Her twin Roy Glen died 1915.

Bill died Sept 27, 1926 in Hollis and Beckie died Nov. 12, 1958 in Mangum. Both are buried at Gould Cemetery..

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